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Some of the questions we most frequently receive about the site, the store, and our company are answered here. Should you have a question that isn’t addressed here, please contact us and we will reply to you directly.

Questions Regarding the Site

1. How do I register with the site? Why do I need to do this?

The registration process is easy and simple. We use an online form: just complete and submit the information.  The registration form enables you to select your log-in and password info. You will receive an email notification which is used to verify your email.

We are happy to provide a tremendous amount of free resources to help you improve and prove the value of marketing. To make sure we are providing useful information, we use registration details to better understand your needs. This is why we want to know your role and your company. What a CMO in a medium sized US only company needs may be different than what a manager needs in a large global organization.

2. How do I log-in?

There are several ways to log-in once you are registered user. You can use the log-in button on the site at any time.  If you have forgotten your password, you can request it to be resent. You will need to know your log-in ID to complete this request. Your log-in allows you access to all the White Papers, Case Studies, and Recordings.  You can use the same log-in to make purchases from the VEM store. You do not need a log-in to access published articles.

3. What do I receive when I subscribe to VEM Newletters?

VisionEdge Marketing publishes two free newsletters: KeyPoint MPM (Marketing Performance Management) and a monthly News message. Each issue of the KeyPoint MPM newsletter provides a “how to” tip related to marketing data, analytics, processes, technology, and metrics. The monthly News message provides a quick snapshot of new content just added to the site and a list of upcoming events. As a subscriber you may also receive a limited number of promotional messages.

4. What can I download and how?

Informational White Papers, Case Studies, and Recordings can all be accessed and downloaded from the VisionEdge Marketing site. Use your log-in to access these. If you don’t have a log-in, register using the online form.

Questions Regarding the VEM Store

1. What is available in the Store?

A number of our customers prefer to work independently and at their own pace, so VisionEdge Marketing created a number of affordable tools to support this approach. Books, such as our well-received Metrics in Action: Creating a Performance Driven Marketing Organization, Workbooks and Reports to support marketing measurement, marketing planning, marketing operations, and sales and marketing alignment, and Online Tools to segment markets and customers, conduct audits, and create measurable marketing blueprints are available in the store.

2. How do I buy and pay?

As with any online store, select and add your items to the shopping cart.  When you are ready to check out, review your purchase and commence the payment process. VisionEdge Marketing only accepts credit cards for purchase, and uses XXX to secure your payment transaction. No payment information is retained on the site. We do not accept POs, invoices, or PayPal through the site.

3. How do I receive my purchase?

With the exception of Metrics in Action, all items on the site are delivered electronically. You will receive a notification upon receipt of your payment with instructions on how to download your item. All the tools are software as a service. Upon receipt of your payment you will receive notification via email on how to begin using the tool you purchased. Purchases of Metrics in Action are fulfilled by our publisher; when you select the book, our site will redirect you to their payment portal.

What is the refund policy?

Refunds for cancellations will only be made within 24 hours of the purchase, and only as long as no electronic documents have been downloaded or products have been physically shipped. Refunds must be requested in writing. The refund will total full amount of purchase less the credit card service fees for the both the purchase and refund, and a cancellation service charge.

Questions Regarding VisionEdge Marketing

1. What types of companies typically use your services?

The companies who typically benefit from our work are marketing and selling to other businesses as opposed to consumers. They are of all sizes from sole proprietor to Fortune 500 companies and can be product or services companies. What these companies have in common is their recognition of the importance of marketing to their long term success and profitability and the need to improve marketing performance management and measurement.

2. When is a company most likely to use your services?

Three types of organizations gravitate toward VisionEdge Marketing:

  1. Companies who have picked all the low hanging fruit and exhausted their personal rolodexes and realize they need to go beyond personal selling to grow and achieve their business goals.
  2. Companies who have made initial strides in their data, measurement and reporting efforts and need to move these efforts forward.
  3. Companies who want to take a more data-driven customer-centric approach to their business.

3. How do you help these companies grow?

Our services focus on two key areas: improving the marketing of a company and proving the value of marketing.  When it comes to improving marketing, it is typically a question of acquiring the right data and conducting the right analysis to foster strategic decisions.  In these instances, we help customers  know more about what the customer and market needs and wants, how their offer addresses the pain points of business, how to segment the market, who to target in the market, their buying process and criteria, and how to improve the customer experience.

When it comes to proving Marketing’s value, we help customers improve marketing alignment to the business, ensure marketing investment and activities can be connected to business results, select the right metrics, construct an actionable dashboard, engineer processes to operate Marketing as a Center of Excellence.

4. What is a typical engagement and how long does it take?

Most of our engagements fall into one of these categories:  Data-driven Market and competitive research, customer satisfaction and experience research and mapping, market and customer segmentation, product positioning, product rollout, pipeline engineering, and marketing metrics, marketing dashboards, marketing technology, and marketing analytics. These engagements range from 4-6 weeks to 4-6 months depending on the scope of work.

5. How does a company work with you?

We prefer to work on a project basis as opposed to a retainer, and to keep your investment manageable, we have developed a set of proven and repeatable methodologies.  From the SmartStart Services ™ and Strategic Marketing Academy™ for Improving the Value of Marketing and Marketing Effectiveness, to MetStrat for MPM™ and Accelance® for Proving the Value of Marketing.

6. Who works on the business?

We have a very talented team of experienced marketers. Our Practice Leads all have decades of relevant experience and proven track records with senior staff supporting them.

7. What are VEM’s core capabilities in the area of marketing performance measurement and management?

  1. Adoption of best practices associated with performance management: Alignment, Accountability, Automation, Analytics and Assessment
  2. Creating outcome-based measurable plans to accelerate organizational success
  3. Defining and engineering data, measurement, and reporting processes and the development of dashboards
  4. Helping marketing teams hone their analytical and measurement skills through professional development
  5. Marketing workflow mapping and process improvement
  6. Marketing technology adoption

8. What are Marketing Labs?

VisionEdge Marketing offers to routes to professional development. The Strategic Marketing Academy™ provides a curriculum designed to help marketers expand their knowledge are strategic marketing, product marketing, marketing data and analytics, and marketing performance measurement and management. In addition, we have a series of facilitated labs, provided at your site. These labs address are used to address a specific initiative in play at your organization.


“I love your articles and advice – I feel like everything you write is thought-provoking and actionable.” – Marcie, Marketing Director, Technology industry.

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