smartstart data-driven fact-base customer-centric positioning research planning segmentation product launchSuccessful companies know they must anchor product initiatives and communication tactics to a sound and compelling market strategy and position for a specific segment of customers.  The strategy, positioning, and segmentation decisions for these customer-centric companies is derived from data, which is used to guide their decisions and improve their market effectiveness.

VisionEdge Marketing developed a cost-effective engagement services bundle, the SmartStart Services Suite™, to accelerate your organization’s ability to move the needle, connect with and engage prospective and current customers, take on the competition, and improve how you bring your brand and offers to market.

Our SmartStart Suite™ of frameworks was designed to help you succesfully compete, with these 5 important growth-enabling elements:

  1. Acquisition of market, customerand competitordata and use this data to create growth strategies
  2. Creation of positioning and messaging that resonates with customers in existing and new markets
  3. Discovery of new profitable customer and market segments for growth
  4. Creation of a customer-centric demand generation plan synchronized with your customer journey
  5.  Development of a go-to-market roadmap for how the organization will enter a market and create revenue


 “The VEM project delivered excellent value. We successfully penetrated our new markets and now have expanded into four new geographies.”  Eric Stumberg, President/Owner – TengoInternet


create high performing markeitng

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Foster Fact-Based Customer-Centric and Market Decisions Our SmartStart Services Suite™ of Frameworks 

SmartStart Services™ consists of an affordable suite suite of proven methodologies.Backed by time-tested frameworks, (one of our secret sauces), the SmartStart services deliver customer-centric, data-driven, high quality outcomes, customized to your need – faster and more affordably.

Each service offering can be tailored or combined to meet your project-specific requirements. We also offer powerful, interactive workshops to help your team quickly leverage these framworks.

A unique suite of collaborative consulting services, SmartStart contains proven frameworks, processes, models and tools. Data is the basis for all the components within the suite. Each service offering can be tailored or combined to meet the specific requirements of any engagement. The services with SmartStart include:

  • QuickStart Intelligence™
  • JumpStart Positioning™
  • MarketSmart Segmentation™
  • PowerStart Opportunity Development™
  • EdgeStart Go-to-Market™

Case studies illustrate how these services have been deployed on behalf of our customers to solve a wide range of business problems, facilitate strategic decisions, and improve marketing effectiveness and measurability.


Affordable, Data-Driven Insights

Quick Start intelligence

Affordable and fast data-derived insights

QuickStart Intelligence Service™ Primary and secondary research and analysis services in this framework are the foundation for a customer-centric approach to growth. The output (data and insights) is often used to perform voice of customer studies, understand supplier preferences and buying criteria, assess the value of various customer and market segments, build or validate a positioning and messaging platform, and analyze competitors and market ecosystems.

This service includes survey instrument development, instrument coding and testing, research deployment and fielding, data analysis, and the production of the findings with recommendations for action.


Compelling Positioning and Messaging

Messaging and positioning platform

Develop a positioning and messaging platform

JumpStart Positioning Service™ The output of this framework-backed service is the best customer-centric positioning statement, concept of singularity, brand promise, value proposition, and messaging map for you. These components are the foundation for marketing organizational effectiveness and success for existing and new markets and new solution launches.

This service includes an onsite working session with key members of your company to develop the initial positioning platform. The platform is then vetted and refined via customer research.  Key aspects of our JumpStart Positioning service are incorporated into our Positioning and Messaging workshop.


High-Performing Segment Identification

Customer and Market Segmentation

Data-derived customer and market segmentation



MarketSmart Segmentation Service™ Our framework-backed segmentation evaluation model, based on two primary dimensions: accessibility and opportunity, identifies and ranks potential segments and segment clusters. The resulting insights pinpoint the segments (which customers you are best suited to serve and how-to tailor your offering) where you are most likely to realize your revenue and growth targets.


Synchronized, Customer-Centric Demand Generation

PowerStart Opportunity Development Service™ All of the insights derived from our QuickStart Intelligence, JumpStart Positioning, and MarketSmart Segmentation frameworks, are used to create a customer-centric demand generation plan. The process includes capturing and vetting the customer buying process, and integrating the appropriate content, touch points and channels into a customer journey map.

It also includes establishing outcome-based metrics and performance targets for each stage of the customer journey, and developing an opportunity scoring model. The output of this process is ideal for configuring marketing automation platforms, including customer relationship management systems


Comprehensive Roadmap to For Bringing New Innovations to Market

EdgeStart Go-to-Market Service™ produces a framework-backed, go-to-market roadmap for bringing your new innovations to market and accelerating adoption.  This roadmap helps allocate resources toward the most profitable opportunities, fosters focus, and allows for the coordination of multiple resources toward the achievement of explicit measurable objectives. It also increases effectiveness and reduces risk by clearly identifying the discrete tasks necessary for success. This service includes:

  • Opportunity definition and sizing
  • Competitive landscape and ecosystem mapping
  • Entry points and cost of entry estimate
  • Key success factors
  • Segmentation and Target Customer Profiles and Personas
  • Product offering and pricing
  • Unique value proposition, positioning, message map and messaging
  • Launch Plan and associated KPIs and performance targets

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