Marketing Accountability, Performance Management, and MPM Benchmark Study Overviews

MART (Marketing Accelerator Round Table): Exploring Measuring Marketing with Laura Patterson

On this episode of MART, Laura Patterson joined Drew Dinkelacker (President of Marketing Accelerator and host of the Marketing Accelerator Podcast) to talk about a subject that she is extremely passionate about and well-versed in - Measuring Marketing.

Become a High Performing Organization to Accelerate Growth

Laura and Troy Hipolito from The Troy Show explore how to become a high performing organization to accelerate growth.

Listen in as we discuss how high-performing organizations:

1. leverage data-derived insights, measurement, and processes to achieve results.
2. focus on creating value for their customers and their organization.
3. are aligned around quantifiable customer-centric business outcomes.

The Art of Marketing Podcast - Effectiveness Over Efficiency: Finding Balance in Marketing

In this episode of the The Art of Marketing Podcast, Glenn Bottomly  of Taylor Corporation and Laura discuss how Marketing Ops can make your Marketing team more efficient without sacrificing effectiveness.  Listen in as they drill down on the topic of the strategic role Marketing Ops plays in today's business environment and brand authenticity and the importance of understanding the entire customer journey.

The Backstory on Marketing, Episode 20: Laura Patterson

What are the latest findings from the Marketing Performance Management Benchmark Study? Published in the Journal of Applied Marketing Analytics, this study provides consumers with some very useful information regarding measurement, dashboards, culture, etc. Laura Patterson, President of VisionEdge Marketing, Inc. shares her insights. Do you want to learn more? Check out the following study: VisionEdge Marketing and the University of Texas at Dallas (2021-2022):

Speaking the Language of Marketing Measurement 

Laura Patterson met with Jeff Chamberlain of Origami Logic to discuss the language of marketing performance measurement.

Find Out How to Set Up Your Marketing Organization to Excel

The ISBM MEX event explores the findings from the 2021-2022 MPM Benchmark Report & how to apply these to create a Marketing org. that excels.

B2B Marketing Measurement Webinar

Through examples, Laura Patterson of VEM, Laura Ramos of Forrester, and Julie Schwarz of ITSMA, will explore how marketers are upgrading marketing performance management to help transition from operationally proficient to business critical in the eyes of the rest of the executive team.

Are You Focused on Doing and Measuring the Right Things to Grow Your Business?

In this episode of Culture of Value, the host Troy Scheer and Laura Patterson discuss how business leaders can deploy their Marketing team to improve business outcomes and measure Marketing's contribution, value and success.

The Making of a Relevant and Actionable Marketing Dashboard

Laura Patterson teams up with the American Marketing Association to discuss the difference between scorecards, dashboards and performance reports;what goes into to creating an actionable and relevant dashboard; and what measures should be on every dashboard.

Perspectives on Marketing Management Excellence: Creating a Customer-Centric Marketing Plan

Take creative and concise approach to building a plan that helps you become the company hero and meet your quarterly goals in a single bound! (Well, almost.)

Jerry Rackley Prepares His Students to Enter the Workforce

Jerry of OSU asks Laura how she arrived at where she is today as a way to help his students understand that the path isn't always a straight line.

Accountable Marketing Interview

Laura Patterson and Michiel van de Watering's discuss his new book "YES! Accountable Marketing" in this interview.


How to Overcome the 4 Key MPM Challenges

Allocadia, Origami Logic, Response Capture and VEM team up to reveal how to overcome the 4 key MPM challenges.

Elephant Test Podcast: Marketing Performance Management

On this episode of The Elephant Test, we sat down with Laura Patterson of VisionEdge Marketing to talk about dashboards, data, and why marketing should always be in the room.

MPM Interview: Shimon and Laura Talk About Marketing Performance Management

Shimon Ben-Ayoun, Founder and Energizer, The B2B Marketing Forum interviews Laura Patterson to learn more about the trending topic of marketing performance management.

The Measure of Marketing on Marketing Made Simple TV

Featured guest, Laura Patterson of VisionEdge Marketing sits down with show host Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers. In this fun and engaging internet show, you'll learn why MPM matters and more!

ITSMA/VEM/Forrester Webinar Briefing: 2013 MPM Survey Results

This webinar unveiled the long awaited results of the 2013 Marketing Performance Measurement Survey which was created to understand how marketers in the field have been using metrics to make strategic decisions and prove marketing ROI.

Cooking Up the Best Marketing Performance - 2017 MPM Study Results Webinar

The 16th annual MPM study identfies the 5 active ingredients used by the Best-in-Class Marketing orgs 16th to  improve business results, have more influence over business decisions, and more credibility than their counterparts.

Cracking the Code of Marketing Performance

An elite group of marketing organizations have “cracked the code” of marketing performance. Wonder where you land and what you can do to move your marketing performance efforts forward?

Value Creator, Sales Enabler or Campaign Producer - How Does Your Team Rank?

The Jeannette Expedition - an eight-day northern arctic trek in which the team was inadvertently back tracking farther south - serves as a metaphor for our 2016 Marketing Performance Management (MPM) Benchmark study.

How to Maintain Healthy Communication During Crises with Bob Samuels

Crises happen. Laura and Bob of TechConnectr discuss maintaining healthy communication with colleagues, clients and prospects during the crises.

Measuring Marketing's Impact on the Pipeline

Jon Miller, VP of Marketing for Marketo and Laura Patterson, President for VisionEdge Marketing discuss how important it is for Marketing and Sales to work together in driving the customer buying pipeline.

Why We Measure With VP of Marketing for Marketo

Jon Miller, VP of Marketing for Marketo and Laura Patterson, President for VisionEdge Marketing, explore what separates the Marketing 'A' players from the rest of the pack to earn their seat at the revenue table.

Categorizing Your B2B Marketing Metrics

Jon Miller, VP of Marketing for Marketo and Laura Patterson, President for VisionEdge Marketing, explore the measures and metrics marketers use and what metrics help measure Marketing's effectiveness and value.

Determining Marketing ROI in Multiple Channel Environment

Jon Miller, VP of Marketing for Marketo and Laura Patterson, President for VisionEdge Marketing discuss how to measure program effectiveness in today's multiple touches and multiple channel environment.

Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

Jon Miller, VP of Marketing for Marketo and Laura Patterson, President for VisionEdge Marketing discuss the role of analysis, planning and forecasting.