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Interactive Workbooks

With over 25 years of driving profitable growth for 300+ companies of all sizes worldwide, we developed proven methodologies and models to help companies achieve their goals faster. Taken from our most popular workshops, we created these workbooks to transfer our knowledge to DIYers.  

All workbooks offer practical, affordable, guidance that accelerate the realization of specific outcomes. By following the guidelines, processes, and performing the exercises you can create reusable models for consistent quality and optimize results, saving time and costs associated with reinventing the wheel. 

Market and Customer Segmentation Workbook
Employ the Power of Positioning and Messaging Workbook
Marketing Effectiveness and Accountability Workbook
Four Customer-Centric Tools to Better Align Sales & Marketing and Accelerate Customer Acquisition Workbook

Advisory Services

advisory services, expert answers, coaching, mentoring, best in class processes, operational excellence, accountability, planning, growth, segmentation, analytics, researchSometimes you really don’t need a full-time, on-site consultant for your project. You just need to touch base occasionally with an expert to answer your questions and help ensure you are going down the right path.

Our Ask Laura advisory and coaching services provide:

  1. Answers based on best practices proven over 2 decades, and with 250+ customers.
  2. Strategic, insightful, actionable grow-barrier identification and growth-enhancing ideas
  3. Invaluable knowledge at an affordable price within flexible advisory plans
  4. Customized objective answers, options, and recommendations
  5. Decision and what-if supporting answers

Choose one of our three affordable plans.

Qualifiable Assessments

Business assessments can help you identify areas to achieve both higher performance targets to boost the bottom line and growth goals to increase revenue via customer-centricity. By taking a comprehensive approach, you can get an accurate picture of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses compared to best-in-class businesses. With the assessment results in hand, you can confidently develop actionable plans to improve your business.

Our proven assessments are based on 20+ years of growing 250+ companies worldwide. Identification of strengths and weaknesses is also based on longitudinal surveys, started in 1999, identifying C-level executive expectations for the ideal state versus the current state.

The Accelance® Alignment and Accountability Framework 

The Accelance® Alignment and Accountability framework is a patented Outcome-based Mapping™ methodology and SaaS application. It incorporates a proven technique that creates a direct line-of-sight from an organizational function’s activities and investments to specific quantifiable business outcomes. via customer-centric planning. With Accelance®, you can facilitate alignment, illustrate performance targets and metrics, create an outcome-based budget, define your tasks, and establish the foundation for a performance management dashboard.

Enhance your ability to leverage Accelance with our virtual advisory services or an on-site Collaboratory.

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