customer journey map customer strategy customer centric processes content creationWhether you call it the Age of the Customer or the Engagement Economy, one thing is clear, to succeed in business, your entire organization needs to be customer-centric. Customer-centricity places the customer at the center of your strategy in order to create and extract customer value. This requires deep understanding of your customers, both existing and prospective, and the market segments you want to, or currently, serve. One essential tool to support this mandate is your customer journey map.

Implementation of an effective Customer Journey Map (CJM) has a proven track record of delivering profitable growth by improving customer experience and therefore customer value. Still, a majority of companies either do not have a CJM, don’t have an effective CJM, or don’t have confidence in their existing CJM. So, it’s not surprising that while 80% of brands think they deliver a superior customer experience (CX) only 8% of their customers agree.

Our approach to CJM is designed to help you align your journey map with your customers’ experience by:

  1. Using the data, primary and secondary research, and applying the analytical skills that result in CX insights
  2. Incorporating the omni-channel model to align with customer expectations
  3. Taking an outside-in approach, synching the CJM to internal processes and outputs
  4. Involving customers directly in the evaluation process to validate and optimize the CJM

The ROI on creating and implementing an effective CJM is high. It speeds up the sales cycle, improves the ROI on Marketing investments, prevents buyers from slipping through the cracks and over to your competitors due to process gaps, increases customer engagement, and so much more.

Why companies engage us. To achieve their growth goals, many of our customers needed to improve CX, and that required the creation of either their first CJM or optimization/redesign of their current CJM. Sometimes new markets, segments or solutions required a different CJM. Many of our customers don’t have the bandwidth to do it themselves, want an objective view and/or the benefit of cross-industry best practices. Sometimes previous efforts haven’t delivered the expected results – growth through increased customer engagement and value.

What we deliver. For over 20 years, we’ve delivered solid, actionable, CJM and CX intelligence and insights. What makes us different, is that we take a data-driven approach to being customer-centric. We focus on “incremental behavioral commitments” and exit and entry points based on success criteria that indicate a customer is deepening their relationship with you. This enables you to define your customers’ investigation, identification, evaluation, selection, decision and purchase phases and the role your organization must serve in each. The resulting data serves as the vehicle for engineering your pipeline from contact to consumption. It is the foundation for your demand generation and opportunity management processes. The result – internal processes are synchronized to your customers’ journey buying process, enabling growth through customer-centricity.

“I relied on Laura and VisionEdge Marketing numerous times. I needed to count on her deep expertise and proven track-record in creating measurable customer-centric Marketing plans and building customer-centric buying journey maps to support our lead gen initiatives, and developing personas for our different industry segments. …What distinguishes Laura and her team is … bring valuable insights and repeatable quality processes to their customers. … delivered an exceptional customer experience and brought more to the table than what was outlined in the statement of work.” Don Hart, Director Information Software Market Development–Rockwell Automation

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Use Customer Insights to Create Business-Wide Customer-Centricity

Our CJM intelligence, insights, resources, and capabilities range from our Prime the Pump interactive workshops (Customer Journey Mapping, Touch Point Effectiveness, and Pipeline Engineering for Marketing and Sales Alignment) to a comprehensive collaborative engagement.

Here are 4 options to help you create a customer journey map and customer experience strategy.

The effectiveness of your touch points impacts your customer journey

Better understand your customer’s journey so you can address cross-functional growth opportunities, such as product/service adoption, expanded share of wallet, and increased customer loyalty and advocacy. Our Customer Journey Mapping Workshop is designed to harness valuable insights to illustrate the complete customer experience: what matters most to them, what they want to achieve, and what you can do to meet their needs better than your competitors.

touch point effectiveness workshop

Touch point effectiveness helps you grow by differentiating your company from your competitors, by improving customer experience and engagement. Our Touch Point Effectiveness Workshop is designed to help you take an initial inventory of customer touch points throughout the customer experience, score the value of each touch point and assess its effectiveness.

Pipeline Engineering for Alignment

Often fraught with friction, Marketing and Sales alignment is possible. Both organizations need to be calibrated around the mission, customer, market, and business outcomes. Our interactive Pipeline Engineering for Marketing and Sales Alignment Workshop is designed to help companies engineer a systematic buying pipeline model and dashboard that shows how well Marketing and Sales are working together to achieve company growth goals.

Use our collaborative consulting to build your internal expertise.

We can’t put 20 years-worth of experience into a 1 or 2-day workshop. So, if you need more, let’s put our heads together to create an exceptional customer experience. The combination of our data driven decision support; our proprietary methodology to speed the development of an effective customer journey map; knowledge and skill transfer; and change management, will help you achieve your objectives. We offer a robust, customized consulting engagement designed to address your unique needs.


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