New Skills, New Behavior Takes Investing in Professional Development

Today’s Marketing, Sales, and Product Management professionals are faced with having to move between a variety of responsibilities. Sales people are being charged with more Marketing responsibilities. Product managers are being asked to prepare product launch plans. Many marketers are being asked to think and act more strategically and do a better job of measuring Marketing’s impact and contribution. Taking on the additional responsibilities often require gaining new skills. At VisionEdge Marketing we are committed to your success, which is why we offer a variety of hands-on interactive marketing workshops.

All of our workshops and educational programs are designed to lead your organization along the path to increased customer-centricity, improved alignment and accountability and jump start your Marketing excellence efforts internally. Knowing what to do is often the easy part. Making an objective analysis, customizing the “what” to your organization, and maintaining momentum are more difficult. For customized services that will accelerate your success, book your VisionEdge Marketing workshop to help bring new skills and behavior to your organization.

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Prime the Pump: Interactive Marketing Workshops

Use the workshops below to re-set brand positioning and messaging, to engineer the pipeline that aligns Marketing and Sales around the customer buying process, to systematically define and identify lucrative market segments, to optimize your touch points with prospects and customers, to kick-start your organization’s strategic planning process, or to take the steps necessary to develop the metrics and dashboard necessary to measure Marketing performance and return on investment.

Better than a business seminar, VEM interactive workshops are fast-paced, roll-up-your-sleeves, collaborative work sessions typically 1/2 to one day. At the end of each workshop, your company will have a blueprint to guide next steps. The workshops are available as stand-alone professional development or can combined with other VEM collaborative consulting services.

Positioning and Messaging Workshop

Message map and positioning framework

The positioning and messaging workshop creates a framework that works across the customer buying journey.

Smart managers realize that they have little chance of achieving revenue goals and building shareholder value if their company/solution is not strategically positioned in the marketplace and if key messages aren’t believable. Poor positioning contributes to long sales cycles, low close rates, customer confusion, channel indifference, and sales organization discord. The Positioning and Messaging Workshop (PMW) is an interactive work session designed for the purpose of creating the foundation for company or solution/persona strategic positioning and messaging.

Over 80% of the companies who participated in a recent survey said that their teams needed to adjust or re-think their company’s positioning strategy. Unfortunately many of these companies will attempt to develop their strategic positioning platform and key messages internally without assistance from outside the organization. This approach often results in vague, inside-out, myopic, and ultimately unbelievable positioning. The reason for this failure is that office politics and deeply held biases heavily influence internal teams.



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Market & Customer Segmentation Workshop

The Market & Customer Segmentation Workshop (MCS) is an interactive work session designed to help organizations determine criteria and identify segments that would best meet this criteria. The following ground is covered: product category, pain points, market segmentation, criteria, ranking and weighting, segment selection.

Companies seek market and customer segmentation assistance to prioritize multiple market opportunities or focus sparse resources on those market segments with highest business potential. The workshop uses a proprietary model that avoids the common mistake of chasing markets based on size alone.

This workshop includes:

Gone Fishin’

Marketing metrics mean nothing if your company does not address the fundamental relationship that lies at the heart of how it attracts customers. This relationship is the one between Sales and Marketing. Gone Fishin’ originally published in paperwork in 2001 has been updated and is being released in an ebook format. This concise book effectively guides you through the process of finding, hooking, keeping, and growing profitable customers by explaining how to define, understand, and cultivate this core relationship. Using the simple, yet entertaining analogy of “fishing” for customers, this book will give you a whole new outlook on your marketing and sales programs.

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Pipeline Engineering for Marketing and Sales Alignment Workshop

Rather than looking inside look outside! Change the focus from the way you sell and market to the way your customers buy and Marketing and Sales alignment will fall into place. The Pipeline Engineering Workshop (PEW) is an interactive work session designed to help companies engineer a systematic buying pipeline model that serves as a terrific vehicle for aligning the Marketing and Sales.

The key to Marketing and Sales alignment is have both organizations calibrated around the mission, the customer, the market, and the business outcomes. Armed with this perspective, the workshop uses the process of engineering the pipeline as an alignment tool.

Of course, you’ll need a few tools to enable the process. We’ve narrowed your enablement tool kit down to three: personas, use cases and playbooks. This workshop includes the workbook, “Using The Customer Buying Process To Align Sales and Marketing & Create 3 Key Enablement Tools“.This workbook is for you if you’re organization wants to

  1. take a more customer-centric approach to Marketing and Sales
  2. increase alignment between Marketing and Sales
  3. improve overall effectiveness and performance


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Marketing Metrics Workshop

Measure Metrics Marketing

The Marketing Metrics workshop (MMW) is a jam-packed day devoted to understanding Marketing metrics, and how to create a strong chain between campaign activity, output metrics, and business outcomes. This workshop provides you with the perspective needed to select metrics that prove Marketing’s value. Depending on the emphasis, this workshop includes either the “Leveraging Eight Key Metrics for the Customer-Centric Organization” or the  “It’s More than Money on the Line: Create Metrics to Measure Marketing’s Effectiveness, Impact and Value” workbooks.


Marketing in the Age of the Customer means knowing What Customer-Centric Measures Matter. Customer-centric marketing entails growing a customer’s lifetime value and focusing your Marketing efforts on high-value customer segments in order to drive profits. To engage in Customer-centric Marketing requires placing the customer at the center of your Marketing strategy in order to create and extract customer value. It is the essence of enabling Marketing to serve as a value creator. And that means you need to know how to measure the value you are creating. Use this 51-page workbook to learn how to calculate the essential eight key customer metrics: service quality, touch point effectiveness, customer satisfaction, customer experience, customer loyalty/advocacy, share of wallet, customer lifetime value and retention equity.

Marketers who aspire to have your marketing organization be more relevant, credible and influential know how to select the metrics that matter to the C-Suite. They employ more outcome-based metrics than their colleagues and know how to tie their metrics to business results, making their metrics more relevant, their organization more influential and credible.

This 54-page workbook enables Marketing organizations  go beyond reporting on activities to reporting on impact, value and contribution. The workbook is geared to any Marketing professional in any industry who wants to report on what is important to your organization’s leadership team and demonstrates the link between Marketing efforts and investments and key business outcomes.

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Customer Journey Mapping Workshop

The effectiveness of your touch points impacts your customer journey

Rather than looking inside look outside! Change the focus from the way you sell and market to the way your customers buy and marketing and sales alignment will fall into place.

The Customer Journey Mapping Workshop (CJM) is an interactive work session designed to you and your team model a persona’s journey from investigation to advocacy. The workshop is designed to identify the incremental behaviors that demonstrate the journey the persona takes, the channels they use, the touch points they prefer, and the content they consume.

This workshop includes include the workbook, “Using The Customer Buying Process To Align Sales and Marketing & Create 3 Key Enablement Tools,” which addresses 3 enablement tools: personas, use cases and playbooks.

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Touch Point Effectiveness Workshop

Customer experience and engagement have evolved from table stakes to points of differentiation, as indicated by the flurry of customer experience/relationship scores and indexes now being published. More and more evidence strongly suggests that there is a link between customer experience/engagement and the financial success of the company.

So what are some things your company can do to begin to understand how to improve customer experience and engagement? We have found that companies truly focused on improving customer engagement do at least two things: they identify all the key touch points a customer has with their company, measure their effectiveness and use them to create a map of the customer experience. This is the purpose of the interactive Touch Point Effectiveness Workshop (TPE).

This workshop includes include the workbook, “Using The Customer Buying Process To Align Sales and Marketing & Create 3 Key Enablement Tools,” which addresses 3 enablement tools: personas, use cases and playbooks.

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A Customer-Centric Strategic Plan Workshop

This two-day interactive session guides participants through the process of developing an customer-centric outcome-based strategic plan.  The purpose of the workshop is to help the organization formulate the framework for the plan and lay the foundation for a more aligned, accountable and agile organization.

Depending on the focus of your workshop it include the “Roadmap to Excellence: Six Essential Steps for Developing a Marketing Operations Function” or the “Six Steps for Creating a Measurable Customer-Centric Marketing Plan” Workbook.

Use this 41-page workbook to expedite your progress. Twelve worksheets guide you through the six essential steps for creating your marketing operations function. Use the workbook and valuable worksheets to design your marketing operations function. Key steps addressed in the workbook include:

  • Auditing your current marketing operations capabilities
  • Describing the ideal state regarding how your marketing organization would run and perform
  • Conducting a gap analysis for marketing operations
  • Developing a marketing operations roadmap
  • Completing a marketing operations cost/benefit analysis
  • Assessing and defining your infrastructure
  • Creating an implementation plan

Two simple and powerful reasons to create a customer-centric measurable Marketing plan:

  1. Avoid Random Acts of Marketing
  2. Create Direct-Line-Sight Between Your Marketing Activities, Investments and Business Results.

Use this 50+ page workbook will help you create a measurable customer-centric marketing plan and share a mapping process to produce a plan blueprint. The workbook is organized into six sections and includes 17 worksheets that start with a list of questions your plan should answer and concludes with how to measure your plan.

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Marketing Metrics in Action: Creating a Performance-Driven Marketing Organization

In this Marketing Performance Management primer, we offers a realistic approach any company can put into practice. In three sections, this book advises how to

  • figure out what to measure (what really matters)
  • build, support, and shape the internal culture; and then
  • translate all of the great measurement processes and ideas into practical applications that make sense for your organization.

The result will be a more dynamic, performance-driven organization. The book includes process maps related to data collection, measurement, reporting and performance target setting along with tips at the end of each chapter to aid any size organization with its transformation.

The book describes how to create a marketing performance dashboard and specifications for developing a quality dashboard as well as factors that will affect success in developing a performance-driven marketing organization, including relations with the C-suite, alignment with sales and finance, and the development of necessary processes, systems, tools, skills, and training.

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Set Your Strategic Direction for Growth Workshop

Set Your Strategic Direction Workshop

Do not confuse a plan with strategy.  A good strategy is the foundation of your plan. Your plan is what brings your strategy to life.  But first, you must have a strategy. Your strategy is what guides your decisions, set your priorities, and determines how your organization will run and in what direction. That is the focus of this one-day interactive session. In addition to the workshop participants learning about strategy, the elements  required to build a strategy, how to evaluate and select a strategy.  The primary output from the workshop is a viable and actionable strategic approach for the company that creates value for customers, leverages your core capabilities and establishes a competitive advantage.

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