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Studies show that Best-in-Class companies that align Sales and Marketing around the customer buying process and collaboratively use this process to develop an opportunity scoring model reap a number of benefits:

  • More Marketing generated leads passed to Sales are “actioned”
  • Enjoy significant year-over-year increase in Marketing’s contribution to the pipeline
  • Achieve higher Marketing contribution to profitable revenue

When you effectively engineer and manage a customer-centric pipeline you are better able to calibrate your marketing and synchronize your Marketing and Sales efforts.  Your customer-centric pipeline is both a tool and process that allows your company to take a more scientific approach to opportunity and customer development. When used effectively, pipeline management enables you to understand what is happening in the customers’ buying process and where to make adjustments.

A customer centric pipeline helps align Sales and Marketing

Engineer a Customer-Centric Pipeline to Align Marketing and Sales.

The VisionEdge Marketing pipeline engineering process based on the customer buying process is a well-defined method to align sales and marketing and to facilitate collaboration and enablement. This service engineers a pipeline that accurately reflects your customers’ buying process, truly create customer-centric opportunity management, improve marketing and sales alignment, develop appropriate outcome-based and demand related metrics, and ultimately increase your company’s revenue.

The approach is based more on customer behaviors than your internal selling processes. VisionEdge Marketing’s methodology to pipeline engineering applies observable customer behaviors to the process to better calibrate scoring and sales worthy, sales ready opportunity definition.  Therefore a key step is to identify and validate these behaviors and properly classify them in terms of where they fit in the customer purchasing decision.  Six customer engagement categories associated with finding, keeping and growing your customer base comprise the stages: contact, connection, conversation, consideration, consumption and community.

Upon completion and vetting of the pipeline, channels, content, and touch points that best assist the customer’s buying journey and enable the sales team to accelerate conversion can be determined for each stage. As a result you are better able to engage customers, create opportunity scoring schemas, measure marketing’s contribution and provide insight into pipeline progress.

Mapping the Customer-Buying-Journey with Pipeline Engineering

Ready to shift from a transactional focus to a customer-centric focus to engineer your pipeline and align your sales and marketing? Make it fast and fun with the Pipeline Engineering Lab