Accelance® Connecting Activities and Investments to Business Results

A Proven-Methodology to Accelerate Your Performance Excellence

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Accelance® BlueprintBest-in-class organizations connect each functions activities and investments to business results. Their plan demonstrates direct line-of-sight between their work and business outcomes. This capability begins with developing a measurable outcome-based customer-centric plan. Create your own aligned plan with Accelance® and accelerate your performance excellence. Accelance® Connecting Activities and Investments to Business Results™ incorporates our patented methodology into an application enabling you to transform from activity-based to outcome-based.

Accelance® takes an architectural approach to building your plan, defining your metrics, and laying the foundation for your dashboard. The Accelance® application employs a mapping technique to help clarify, improve and communicate your function’s alignment and accountability. This mapping process integrates metrics and performance targets to produce a customer-centric outcome-based plan in a unique format called a blueprint. The blueprint you produce serves as a visual plan of action that facilitates aligning your function to the business and provides direct-line-of-sight between activities and investments with business results. The Accelance® process has the unique advantage of helping you establish performance targets and metrics that create a visual data chain between the work you perform and the needles you move. These visual data chains are the building blocks for your multi-level dashboard. Implement Accelance® today to improve and prove your value and measure the effectiveness of your work.

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