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The more you understand your customer’s journey the better you can address opportunities to improve key business results, such as product/service adoption, expanded share of wallet, customer loyalty and advocacy. This is the value of custome journey mapping.

The effectiveness of your touch points impacts your customer journey

Map the Customer Journey from Investigation to Purchase

What tools you use to create your visual map isn’t as important as how you create your map.  The foundation of any journey map is capturing your customer’s steps and what we call the “incremental behavioral commitments”, from investigation and identification to evaluation and selection and ultimately to decision and purchase.Different personas may approach a sub-journey differently. They may have different motivations and may react differently to situations.

And while you’re add it, this is a good time to capture the channels and touch points they prefer at each part of the journey. While good maps leverage outside research to ensure validity, it is common to begin the mapping effort by collaboratively capturing what you believe is the journey. Mapping the entire end-to-end journey can be a very daunting undertaking. It may make sense to parse the journey into sub journeys. Four of the most common sub-journeys are Pre-sales/Demand Gen; Sales/The Journey of the Deal; Consumption/ The Journey of Usage and Community/The Post-Sales Experience.

The Customer Journey Mapping Workshop (CJM) is an interactive work session designed to identify the incremental behaviors that reflect the journey a prospect is making from investigation to purchase, the channels they use, the touch points they prefer, and the content they consume. Prior to the workshop, existing data, such as customer satisfaction data that reveals potential breaking points, voice of customer data about buying preferences, sales data such as win/loss analysis, marketing data related to what did or didn’t produce action are reviewed to identify the most important sub-journeys or stage within the overall journey.


As a result of the CJM, you will have:

  1. A customer journey map ready for validation.
  2. An initial set of metrics for how you will measure the success of map implementation.
  3. Insight into breakpoints that affect the journey and preliminary plans for how to address and prioritize these breakpoints.
  4. Ideas for content (a revision in the help or qualification scripts), touch points (call center, internal technical support, inside sales), and channel (phone, online chat, etc.) needed to support each step in the journey.
  5. A preliminary action plan for bringing the map to life.


A Word document is provided within 3-5 business days of the workshop that captures what a persona does at each stage, what moves them to the next stage, what emotions they are experiencing and thoughts they are having at that stage, what questions, issues, or challenges they are likely to experience at that stage that might deter them from moving forward.


Workbook Description

Using The Customer Buying Process To Align Sales and Marketing & Create 3 Key Enablement Tools

Using The Customer Buying ProcessFocus on the Customer Journey to Align Sales and Marketing

Too often the lack of alignment between marketing and sales gets in the way of an organization’s success. Alignment between marketing and sales is pivotal to overall effectiveness and performance.

The workbook presents the concept of leveraging the customer buying process and how to use this process to facilitate alignment between marketing and sales and three customer-centric tools to support sales enablement: personas, use cases and playbooks. The 54-page workbook provides 15 worksheets to enable users to map their customer buying process, to develop questions for persona creation, to work though considerations for creating usage scenarios, to guide the development of playbooks, to establish business outcomes, performance targets and metrics for sales and marketing, and to inventory sales assets. As a result, workbook users will be able to refine their marketing and sales process. Refunds for cancellations will only be made within 24 hours of the purchase as long as no electronic documents have been downloaded or products have physically shipped. Once a product is downloaded or shipped, no refund will be issued. Refunds must be requested in writing. The refund will total full amount of purchase less the credit card service fees for the both the purchase and refund and a cancellation service charge.

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Bring Your A-Game to a Customer Empowered Market and CustomerDNA Model Infographic

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