customer value improve performance business leaders marketing dashboard dashboards analytics measures dataIs your Marketing dashboard helping you make decisions to grow, create more customer value, and improve performance? Most business leaders and Marketing executives we talk with, answer with a resounding no.

A dashboard should connect the work and investments of Marketing to business results, displayed in a format that is easily digestible for executives and stake holders.

Most Marketing professionals believe their marketing automation, campaign management, web analytics, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems are serving up a dashboard. These may be a good start; but an actionable dashboard is more than a collection of measures. 

Why companies engage us. Their dashboards were transactional, full of a mix of simple and complex measures, lacking the right metrics, too focused on down versus upstream marketing, unable to meet changing and company-specific business needs, or show a connection between Marketing and business outcomes. Marketing’s value was unmeasurable.

What we deliver: C-level strategic dashboards with the right measures, metrics, and key performance indicators with a strong logic chain between activity measures, output metrics, and business outcomes, that provides the insights needed to facilitate critical business decisions.  Communicate the most important information for the user with our patented Accelance® framework, we help you create a robust dashboard based on connecting the measures and metrics between activities, outputs, outcomes and business results. This direct-line-of-sight provides the insights to support customer acquisition, retention and growth, competition, touchpoint, and investment decisions needed to run and improve the business on a regular basis.


“The VisionEdge Marketing process helped us develop and set metrics to create a dashboard, while taking into account our culture and the need for change management.” Cindy Lieberman, Director – Zebra Technologies


Marketing Dashboard

Accelance® is a framework that connects activities and investments to results


Create Dashboards that Guide Growth Decisions

Our Accountability dashboard resources and capabilities range from a free Dashboard Checklist (complete the popup to access this checklist) to Speaking Engagements, a Dashboard Assessment, a Marketing Accountability Workshop and comprehensive collaborative engagements. 

Find out how our work helped our customers. Check out the case studies under the Accountability practice.

Then, choose one of these 3 options to begin.

Dashboard performance management audit

Already have a dashboard? Find out how well it serves you to communicate your value, make course corrections, and facilitate business decisions with our Dashboard Assessment. In 3 easy steps you can find out how your existing board stacks up and what you can do to make it better.

Measure Metrics Marketing Workshop

A dashboard is useless, if it’s not based on the right metrics and measures for your company and goals. The underlying data must be sequenced in a meaningful way to tell the right story, and enable the insights needed to make strategic business decisions. A good place to start is with our Marketing Accountability Workshop.

Use our collaborative consulting to build your internal expertise.

Let’s put our heads together to build a dashboard fully-aligned to business outcomes. Benefit from the combination of our performance measurement expertise, knowledge and skill transfer, change management experience, and proprietary framework to achieve your goal, a best-in-class dashboard. We offer a robust, customized consulting engagement designed to address your unique needs.


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