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Most Marketing dashboards tend to fall short for tracking performance of core Marketing strategies and processes, communicating Marketing’s value to the C-Suite, and primarily focus on campaign and activity performance.

A good dashboard guides your actions and helps you mitigate risks. Most of us rely on an automobile dashboard every day to help us determine when to fuel up or when to slow down. Your marketing dashboard should help you know what is and isn’t working. It should help you determine whether what you’re doing is moving the needle, and if so, how far and how fast.

Your dashboard should help you ascertain whether you are within proper operating and performance target parameters. If your Marketing dashboard doesn’t guide your strategic and investment decisions, it’s time to return to the drawing board.

Check out the Marketing Dashboard Assessment to find whether your dashboard communicates Marketing’s value and impact to the business.

There are 5 Deliverables Associated Your Marketing Dashboard Assessment 

  1. Marketing Dashboard AssessmentInitial discovery discussion, scheduled by VisionEdge Marketing. In this call we review the content on a questionnaire you have filled out ahead of time, including how your organization measures its success (beyond aggregate revenue and profit targets), how your organization expects Marketing to impact the business, how your organization knows when marketing has moved the needle, your current marketing metrics and how and when you collect and calculate these, the extent of your data inventory, and the state of your metrics catalogue.
  2. Review of your Marketing dashboard development process
  3. Review of your current Marketing dashboard
  4. Full written report that outlines the strengths and weaknesses associated with your dashboard’s performance management capabilities, metrics hierarchy and categories, and trend and alert elements. Allow 5-7 business days from receipt of your dashboard for your written report to arrive via email.
  5. One hour consultation to review the findings and recommendations and answer any questions.

This investment can be applied to the initial Discovery phase for Customers who purchase Accelance® Connecting Marketing to Business Results within 30 days of the assessment.

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