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The best Marketing plan is measurable, outcome-based, and customer-centric. Best-in-class Marketing organization’s plan include performance targets and avoid primarily providing list of tactics with delivery dates and costs. These plans are highly connected to the business and its strategy. A key part of this review is make sure your plan outcome-based, aligned, and customer-focused.

We built our Marketing Plan Fast Track Review based on years of experience helping organizations of every size formulate better marketing plans. From start to finish, the fast track review process entails three steps that occur within 5-7 business days.

Follow These Three Easy Steps:Marketing Plan Fast Track Review

  • Initial in-take call to answer key questions regarding your company’s outcomes and Marketing’s role.
  • A multi-page report evaluating the existence and strength of the logic chains that demonstrate Marketing’s alignment and accountability, as well as, how well the plan documents how Marketing will measurably contribute to business results (see sample page above); and practical improvement recommendations.
  • Review call, approximately 30 minutes, to discuss the findings and recommendations and answer any questions. We will email the report to you prior to this call.

“The process enabled us to create a plan that made it easy to understand what we wanted to do, how we were going to do it, and how success would be measured.” Ben Tosado, VP Professional Services, Conquest Business Solutions

Background and Benefits

Marketing Plan Fast Track ReviewAs a Marketing leader, your plan is your opportunity to demonstrate your team’s leadership and to document how you will create business value.

Logic chains are the foundation for every customer-centric measurable marketing plan. The chains represent the logic of your marketing plan; that is your reasoning for how marketing is going to contribute to, and impact, business outcomes. They are the connective tissue between your marketing activities and investments, and the business.

We can discern how well Marketing aligns with the business from these chains. Our customers have also found that greater alignment results in an increased rate of initial budget acceptance and fewer demands to cut costs if revenue takes a downturn.  Logic chains also reveal the metrics and associated data and analytics, and therefore Marketing’s accountability. As a result, the chains serve as the framework for your Marketing dashboard.

We’ve designed our Marketing Plan Fast Track Review service to help ensure that your plan reflects clearly defined logic chains that exhibit:

  1. How your marketing efforts are designed to move the right business needles. For example, does it show how every marketing objective, strategy, program and the associated tactics and activities ladder up to a quantifiable business outcome? Does your plan align with organizational strategy so that all stakeholders understand priorities and direction?
  2. How you will allocate the resources you are investing on behalf of the organization. Have you identified both the hard and soft costs required to do the right things – right, and so that your team can be successful in adding value?
  3. How you will measure your contribution to, and impact on, the organization. For example, does each outcome, objective, and program capture a customer-centric performance target that when looked at holistically creates the data chain and metrics needed to measure marketing contribution, and monitor and optimize performance and processes? Will you be able to use the plan as the foundation for your performance management and reporting?

Meeting these three criteria significantly increases the chances of your plan being fully funded.

We built our Marketing Plan Fast Track Review based on years of experience helping organizations of every size formulate better marketing plans. We’ll examine these three key facets, and provide clear, practical recommendations on how to design your marketing plan for success.

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