Is your Marketing organization performing as well as you want?

Do you have trouble measuring marketing’s impact on the business?

As part of its Metrics First™ Service, VisionEdge Marketing conducts Marketing Performance Measurement and Management Audits (Metrics Audit). A metrics audit is a systematic examination of an organization is marketing metrics, dashboard, data, measurement and reporting processes, personnel measurement proficiency and competence and the organization is culture of accountability. The purpose of the audit is to insure the Marketing metrics are aligned with the business outcomes, measure the marketing organization is effectiveness, efficiency and value, demonstrate marketing is contribution and impact, that the organization has the data, systems, processes and people to execute on the metrics and to make recommendations for using them more effectively. Marketing metrics audits focus on improving future performance not just auditing historical or current practices.

VisionEdge Marketing’s proprietary MarketStrength tool stands alone in its ability to objectively answer these tough questions and many others related to Marketing metrics, performance, accountability, and your companyís ability to measure ROI. The VisionEdge Team is ready to work with you to identify strengths and gaps in your company’s marketing and pinpoint opportunities to improve your marketing capabilities.

What sets the MarketStrength product apart from other audits? As a result of the audit you receive:

1. Both qualitative and quantitative results.
2. An accurate picture of all of the aspects of your companyís marketing performance and how it is influenced by marketing performance.
3. An objective measure of marketingís strength and weakness that will allow you to see exactly what needs to be done in order to optimize and maximize your marketing investments.

The VisionEdge Marketing Metrics Audit explores the following areas:

1. Alignment of metrics around business outcomes
2. Metrics and reporting against marketing performance commitments
3. Evaluation of marketing metrics in terms of measuring effectiveness, efficiency and value
4. Evaluation of marketing metrics in terms of demonstrating contribution and value to the business
5. Assesses financial, operational, comparative metrics mix
6. Assesses leading vs. lagging indicator metrics mix
7. Analyzes linkages between data sources and metrics
8. Evaluates data collection and measurement processes
9. Evaluates analytical and reporting proficiency of personnel
10. Evaluates extent the culture reflects a fact-based and performance-driven organization
11. Assess whether the existing organizational structure supports a performance driven marketing organization

The audit encompasses the following key steps:

1. Review of business plans and/or outcomes, marketing plans, existing metrics, existing dashboards, existing data inventory, existing metrics catalogue, and systems, tools and process maps related to data collection, measurement, and reporting
2. Interviews with key members of the organization, such as but not limited to marketing leadership, finance, sales, marketing operations
3. Review of organizational charts, job descriptions, marketing charters

The audit can be used with additional functions within the organizaton.

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