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Read what marketing professionals had to say about the guidance they received from Metrics In Action: Creating a Performance-Driven Marketing Organization

“In her Marketing Metrics in Action, Laura Patterson has created a field guide for the marketer trying to make his or her operation both more effective in its efforts and more valuable to its business. The writing is clear and concise, and the content is rich and well-organized, with terms defined where needed, key objectives listed, and ‘Move the Needle’ steps at the end of chapters for the novice, the intermediate, and the advanced marketer.” – Winston Clay, Winc Analytics

If you’re working within a marketing department that’s really busy but never quite able to verbalize its value to the business, you’re not alone. Many marketing organizations are being asked to justify their existence but they are somehow unable to quantify the degree to which they’re moving the needle. The solution is to build a performance-driven marketing organization that aligns marketing objectives with the overall business objectives. While many marketing managers may believe it impossible to do this, Laura Patterson charts a course that takes you to that promised land. Each chapter progressively lays out the path, taking you from your current state to aligning your marketing team’s objectives with overall business objectives, to creating an accountability culture, so forging alliances with finance, to synchronizing with the sales department, to the establishment of a marketing operations discipline. She also identifies the most applicable aspects of metrics gathering and the subsequent analysis and implementation of corrective actions. The end result is actionable intelligence for the C-Suite, and, ultimately, marketing credibility within the overall organization.This book is a must-read for anyone embarking on the journey toward the construction of a performance-driven marketing organization. It serves as a great introduction to the topic and provides a convincing argument that marketing can–and should–become an integral part of the business.
– Dan Schaefer, Marketing Project Manager, formerly with Ixia

Every marketer today knows that the level of fluff and dearth of substance accepted a decade ago from marketing can no longer withstand the scrutiny of the current business climate.  The IMS metrics session facilitated by Laura compelled me to purchase Metrics in Action, right there and then. The book has served as a  go-to guide for crafting our marketing plan, reminding us to  set actionable, measurable objectives that roll up to our COOs top business priorities.  If you need to improve marketing accountability and develop a metrics-driven marketing organization, Metrics in Action needs to be among your key resources.
– Brian Vacanti, Vice President, Marketing, HealthGrades

The thought exhibited in Marketing Metrics in Action is clear, concise, and insightful and there are solid recommendations to transform this knowledge into action.
– Jim Humphrys, eBusiness Leader, W. L. Gore & Associates

Metrics in Action provides an excellent framework for organizing the marketing effort and ensuring that the structure and focus of these efforts are in synch with the company’s overall goals. More than any resource I have read in the last 10 years, this book has enabled me to really identify where our marketing effort is today, where it needs to be tomorrow, and the tools and techniques needed to get us there.† We’re using it as a springboard to take our marketing in a new direction and to new levels of analysis.
– Jim O’Hara, Vice President, Marketing, Clore Automotive

Growth covers up a lot of sins and the current economic environment means marketing professionals and leaders must operate more analytically. Metrics in Action is right on with its focus on suggesting marketing professionals start measuring the drivers instead of counting widgets. The book provides an analytical framework any company can adopt.
– Allen Crane, Executive Director, Market Intelligence and Business Analysis, USAA

Wait a second…holding marketers accountable for their efforts? Applying metrics in a meaningful, results-oriented way? Making marketing understandable and process-based? Real take-aways in each chapter? Read this book, folks. Your business will be better for it.
-Joseph Carrabis, CRO and Founder, NextStage Evolution, LLC

Companies are demanding more from marketing – more data, more accountability, and more payoff. As the pressure increases, marketers need to develop the skills and utilize the resources necessary to improve their performance. Metrics in Action is an invaluable new resource that puts marketing metrics in the context of creating a performance-driven, accountable, and profit-generating marketing organization. Written for marketing professionals at all levels, Metrics in Action not only explains what they need to do, but shows them step by step how to do it.
-Mitchell GoozÈ, Former CEO of Former CEO, Teledyne Components and author of Value Acceleration

Whether you are a neophyte or a marketing leader,ÜMetrics in ActionÜhas something for you. Use the guidance this important book offers to make your marketing efforts profoundly relevant to the businessóand prove it!
-Steve Harriman, VP, Marketing NetQoS, Inc.

In Marketing Metrics in Action, Laura Patterson has provided marketers with an essential guide that will help them to be successful in their work. Drawing on her wide knowledge of marketing practices in major corporations, she points out that marketers today are measuring lots of things ñ but most of them are the wrong things! Much of what is being measured is not related to the essential business goals of the enterprise: market share, lifetime value and brand equity. In a book filled with contributions from key marketing executives in major corporations, Laura gives readers a priceless guide to selecting the right measurements that show, through dashboards, how marketing is contributing to the success of the business. Laura explains how marketing can work in cooperation with sales and finance to turn competition into collaboration resulting in a win-win situation for both. With this book, marketing can develop the metrics needed to create a culture of accountability for achieving the outcomes needed by top management. This book should be read by marketers in all major corporations.
-Arthur Middleton Hughes, Vice President / Solutions Architect KnowledgeBase Marketing, and author of Successful Email Marketing Strategies (Racom Books).

The need for Marketing to drive both strategy and execution has never been more acute. In asserting its responsibility to achieve profitable growth, Marketing must take the lead in driving integration and creating a common focus throughout an organization in order to demonstrate its value. Laura Patterson provides a vital framework for Marketing to garner the support of the C-suite and to build its leadership by helping achieve desired business outcomes and demonstrating performance in quantitative terms relative to those outcomes. If you want to understand how Marketing can be more effective, you’ve come to the right place!
-Stuart Itkin, Former CMO, Kronos, Inc.

Laura Patterson’s book “Marketing Metrics in Action” is a genuine self-help book for marketers desperately trying to be relevant to their businesses. She tackles in a straightforward, checklist approach not only the “how” we should measure our activities, but the important “why.” She pinpoints the key factors of success within marketing and gives suggestions for how to ensure that the entire organization from sales to finance understand marketing’s contribution. A must read for any marketer who has had to answer the question — “so why do we need marketing?”
-Theresa Kushner, Director, Customer Intelligence, Strategic Marketing, Cisco Systems, Inc

Laura Patterson does a wonderful job of articulating the foundations of effectively measuring marketing. If youíre thinking about how to move your marketing organization along a more productive path, youíll find this book very helpful.
-Pat LaPointe, Managing Partner, Marketing NPV

Laura Patterson is the Emeril of Marketing Measurement – always kicking it up a notch. In her newest book, Laura provides practical advice and an easy-to-use benchmarking tool to help marketers improve the performance of their business unit, ultimately establishing marketing as the strategic, competitive advantage it is.
-Christine Lowry, CMO, Athens Group

Laura Patterson’s deep, practical knowledge of marketing measurement shines from every page of this book. Marketing Metrics in Action goes beyond the usual lectures on why marketing metrics are important, to explain exactly how you can design, build and deploy a set of measures that will improve performance in your own organization–and advance your own career.
-David M. Raab, Principal, Raab Associates Inc.

Laura Pattersonís journey in establishing marketing metrics is a valuable addition to the recent body of literature on the critical importance of greater accountability in marketing investments and actions. Instead of throwing her hands in the air and saying how difficult it is to measure marketing, she demystifies the area and provides essential tools that every company, large and small, can use to its benefit.
-Peter J. Rosenwald, Managing Partner, Consult Partners, Founder and President of Wunderman Worldwide and former Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi Direct, Author, Accountable Marketing

Eat less and exercise more. Every New Year’s Eve, it’s the same thing. Good advice and good intentions. A good idea–even with a good plan–is insufficient without a good measurement method to help monitor, encourage and communicate progress. In Marketing Metrics in Action, Laura Patterson combines years of first-hand experience and insight with some of the best thinking of our time to map out the philosophy, strategy and specific techniques for moving your marketing results from aspiration to computation.

This is not a book about data mining or predictive modeling. It’s about managing by objective and measuring the impact of your marketing efforts. And it comes along just in time. As the economy grows weaker, having superior visibility into your marketing ROI is an absolute necessity. When the economy gets stronger, a rigorous marketing measurement capability is a significant competitive edge.

My advice? Eat less, exercise more, monitor how much you eat and exercise, and take the lessons of Marketing Metrics in Action to heart. You’ll live longer, healthier and more profitably.
-Jim Sterne, Chairman, Web Analytics Association

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