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Smart managers realize that they have little chance of achieving revenue goals and building shareholder value if their company/solution is not strategically positioned in the marketplace and if key messages aren’t believable. Poor positioning contributes to long sales cycles, low close rates, customer confusion, channel indifference, and sales organization discord. The Positioning and Messaging Workshop (PMW) is an interactive work session designed for the purpose of creating the foundation for company or solution/persona strategic positioning and messaging.

Over 80% of the companies who participated in a recent survey said that their teams needed to adjust or re-think their company’s positioning strategy. Unfortunately many of these companies will attempt to develop their strategic positioning platform and key messages internally without assistance from outside the organization. This approach often results in vague, inside-out, myopic, and ultimately unbelievable positioning. The reason for this failure is that office politics and deeply held biases heavily influence internal teams.

Positioning serves as the foundation for your message map.  Message maps are an excellent tool and when crafted well work across the customer buying journey.


Message map and positioning framework
The positioning and messaging workshop creates a framework that works across the customer buying journey.

As a result of the PMW you will have a clear idea of how your company or solution should be positioned to be successful in the current marketplace. You will have a rough draft of a positioning map that defines the following:

  1. Value: what does the customer/persona most value (both logical and emotional) that you provide?
  2. Brand promise: what can the customer/persona count on you for?
  3. Value proposition: why should the customer/persona buy from you?
  4. Meaningful differentiation: how are you different from your competitors?
  5. Concept of singularity: what is the single thing you want to be known for?
  6. Positioning strategy statement: a shorthand description of the solution or company that integrates the first five components into a concise, compelling and meaningful description under 100 words in length.
  7. Messaging map: from this draft you can build the key messages that support the positioning statement and the customer buying journey.

Together, the Positioning Pyramid and Messaging Map provide the blueprint for all communications about your company or solution. In fact the Brand Promise should be viewed as the essence of your entire organization, its DNA.


A Word document is generated containing notes from the workshop and includes the value pyramid and positioning statement constructed during the session.

Just as importantly, the workshop creates and fosters a common understanding of the company/solution benefits and enables consistent messaging across channels and touch points.

Gone Fishin’ Information

Table of Contents

fishing lead gen

Chapter    1     Defining Marketing
Chapter    2     Reversing the Value Chain
Chapter    3     The 6 P’s-The Foundation of Marketing
Chapter    4     Developing a Brand Strategy
Chapter    5     Brand Equity
Chapter    6     Finding Profitable Customers
Chapter    7     Hooking Profitable Customers
Chapter    8     Keeping Profitable Customers
Chapter    9     Growing Profitable Customers
Chapter   10    It’s all in the Plan
Chapter   11    Metrics
Chapter   12    Going Fishing
Glossary of Branding Terms


Here’s what some Gone Fishin’ readers had to say about the book:

“Gone Fishin’ focuses on results-based marketing, guiding the reader to strategies for success throughout the entire marketing cycle. It’s refreshing to see the emphasis on two aspects in particular that so often are neglected: customer retention and metrics.” Alison Raffalovich, Assistant Vice President of Corporate Communications, TriActive, Inc. (@araffalovich)

“Customer acquisition, Loyalty, and Retention are keys to long lasting profitable relationships with customers. In her book Gone Fishin’, Laura Patterson addresses all of these dimensions to present a clear roadmap to success. This tackle box of information will provide you the right bait to catch and keep more customers.” Paul Gilbert, Director of Customer Advocacy, Vignette Corporation (@1paulgilbert)

“Let me say that the book was easy to read. It serves well as both an anytime, quick-reference as well as a good overall guide for a variety of audiences. For me, it recharged a love of branding and strategic marketing. The analogies to fishing were very simple and good … an enjoyable read.” Rich Cardenas, Sales & Marketing Director, Onramp Access, Inc

“Laura has delivered another stalwart resource for marketing executives with “Gone Fishing for Marketing and Sales Alignment.” All too frequently books targeted to the business executive remind me of fertilizer or laundry soap, 85% is inert ingredient and the meaningful content needs to be gleaned out by the reader. Laura on the other hand writes her books just like she consults, with crispness and fortitude, enabling me to reflect on it’s application for my environment rather than searching for the nugget. I was able to use “Gone Fishing for Marketing and Sales Alignment” as a framework for a world-wide kick-off product launch planning session with outstanding results. Utilizing this framework our teams asked themselves the right questions, focusing on the strategies and action plans that would move the needle and were measurable to top line growth. I am ready for the next one.” Walter Petticrew, Freescale, MAD & Enablement Team (@wapetticrew)

“Gone Fishin” was fast reading and to the point. It will serve me well as a guideline for putting together my next marketing plan.” Tom Evans, Senior Market Development Manager, Pavilion Technologies

“Gone Fishin’ is both delightful and impactful. Laura spices a marketing best practices book with humor and strong parallels between marketing and fishing. Both revolve around attracting, catching and retaining. Even though the book is entertaining, its approach to strategic marketing is hard-hitting and on the mark.” Mary Inglis, Director of Marketing, Vincera Software

“Congratulations on Gone Fishin’! Your book is full of useful information about attracting and keeping the right kind of customers. The text is concise and clearly presented. Most of all, Gone Fishin’ is very readable. I felt like I bought myself a present when I purchased your book. Thanks and Good Luck!” Doug Hall, Business Consultant

“I recently read Gone Fishin’ and found it to be a well-written, concise guide covering key elements in the marketing process. It covers the strategic framework necessary for success and also includes overlooked fundamentals and useful tactical tips. I appreciated the focus on the customer and the emphasis on metrics and also enjoyed the fun fishing metaphors.” Roy E. Springer, Edward Jones

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