Accelerate Growth, Create Customer Value, and Improve Performance

Sometimes we're so busy chopping wood that we don't have time to sharpen the axe.  Schedules can make it difficult to attend a live or virtual event. When we have the opportunity to share our expertise on topics of accelerating growth, data-derived insights and analytics, customer-centricity, performance management, measurement, aligning Sales and Marketing, operational excellence, the recorded programs are archived here.

Looking for expertise on these topics? We'd welcome exploring how we can facilitate an interactive workshop and/or serve as a key note.  Let's schedule a time to talk. 

Fuel Growth and Fast-Track Your Business

Guest Appearance on the Born To Talk Radio Show

Laura Patterson, President of VisionEdge Marketing, was invited by Marsha Wietecha to participate in an episode of her Born To Talk Podcast series. She and her listeners were interested in learning about building and growing a company – the path to entrepreneurship.

Marsha chose Laura because she thought her listeners would benefit from a conversation about how to accelerate growth, create business value, and improve performance via a customer-centric framework for growth, the Circle of Traction.

In this podcast, you will learn about Laura’s growth expertise, why household-named businesses engage VisionEdge Marketing to fast-track their businesses, the importance of organic growth and its components, the path to entrepreneurship and thought leadership, the Vistage Group certified workshop: The 4 Game Changers for Every Stage of Growth, the best ways to thrive during market turmoil, and strategies for achieving work/life balance

Born To Talk Podcast

Change Patterns vs. Habits to Fuel Growth

This is the first of two conversations between Susan Finch of Funnel Media Radio and Laura. In this segment they discuss four actionable items to change patterns, versus changing habits.  Catch four ideas to take control and gain an edge in business and life.  Laura and Susan explore how to use ideas to expand your effectiveness. Take advantage of these tips to avoid being left behind.

Play to Your Strengths to Plow by the Competition

This is the second of two conversations between Susan Finch of Funnel Media Radio and Laura. In this segment, they discuss how to compete even if you aren't in a great position from the start. Take the challenge to succeed by finding an alternative path. Laura Patterson uses her personal experience training for triathlons, despite being a weak swimmer, to illustrate the concepts.

How to Fast-Track Your Business With Organic Growth

Growth is a result of solving customer problems at the right time with the right solution with a story that resonates with the market. Jim Obermayer asks Laura to walk through the step-by-step guidance for acquiring customer insights, creating customer-centric outcomes, and developing strategies and measurable executable plans.

Fuel Growth with 4 Enabling Marketing Capabilities

Time to push pass surviving to thriving. Growth takes energy. Listen to this presentation for why customer-centricity is the key to organizational growth. In this video, learn the four essential capabilities every company needs to grow. Whether you have Marketing as a stand-alone function or not, to fuel growth all four of these must be firing on all cylinders.

Proven Methods to Organically Grow Your Business

Catch the conversation between Rachit Pandey from Essity and Laura as they explore multiple aspects of Business Growth. Laura takes you through The Circle of Traction Framework and how to use it to improve Customer Centricity and data informed decisions to market more effectively and grow your business.

7 Steps to Methodical Growth - The IYM Podcast with Laura Patterson

Some companies are happy where they are, but if you have plans to grow your business, listen in as Laura and Sky Cassidy of If You Market It explore key concepts in Fast-Track Your Business.

Creating and Measuring Engagement Along the Customer Buying Journey

Laura Patterson and Sarah Bundy of All Inclusive Marketing discuss how to create and measure engagement as customers progress through the buying journey.

Inbound Back Office - Amy Foley on What's Inside Fast-Track

Laura  and Amy Foley chat about creating the customer-centric framework illustrated in Fast-Track Your Business as an approach for choosing and navigating and accelerating sustainable organic growth.

Fast-Track Your Business With Practical Tips and Tools -  Brainfluence

Laura and Roger Dooley explore how the various tools and tips in her new book, Fast-Track Your Business: A Customer-Centric Approach to Accelerate Market Growth, serve as a roadmap to grow any organization.

Put Fast-Track to Work for Your Business - Indie Beacon Show with Laura Patterson

B Alan Bourgeois, CEO and Founder of the Indie Beacon, and Laura discuss the practical tips in her newest book, Fast-Track Your Business, and how to use the ideas to grow your business.

BluHornTV - Marketing for the Future With Mike White

Laura and Mike chat about how to use Laura's new book, Fast-Track Your Business, to improve customer-centricity and maintain customer relationships during challenging times.

Accelerating Growth and Creating Customer Value

Laura and Lynn Hunsaker, Chief Customer Officer for ClearAction and Customer Value Performance talk how you can how use the Circle of Traction framework to gain market growth and create customer value.

The Implications of a Customer-Centric Approach with Bill Caskey

On this episode of The Bill Caskey Podcast, Bill and Laura discuss how to implement the the Circle of Traction described in Laura’s new book, Fast-Track Your Business.

Thought Leader Life With Mitchell Levy - Accelerating Organic Growth

As part of his mission to identify 500 thought leaders, Mitchell taps Laura to discuss her background,  her book Fast-Track Your Business, and what it takes to accelerate growth through processes and data.

Your Business Story  - The Origin of Fast-Track

Laura sits down with Derek Little to explain the origin of her Amazon Best-Selling book, Fast-Track Your Business, and how to use the book and its practical advice to help companies accelerate market growth.

Data, Analytics and Insights

Analytics Stories Series: Customer Questions Your Data Should Help Answer

Lee Feinberg of Analytics Stories and Laura Patterson of VisionEdge Marketing discuss the importance of framing up the questions you want to answer from analyzing your data and putting these into customer-centric terms.

DAA Thought Leader Conversation with Laura Patterson brought to you by WiA

We must be ever vigilant in how we create and employ data models. Join Laura Patterson and facilitator Lisa Wilms as they discuss the evolution and emerging role of data scientists and analysts  in "Good Analysts Know When to Call a Flag on the Play."

Importance of Analytical Skills in B2B Marketing 

Jon Miller, VP of Marketing for Marketo and Laura Patterson, President for VisionEdge Marketing discuss how important it is for marketing to develop analytical skills and leverage and data in order to take a more scientific approach to marketing.

Laura and Jon discuss the role of systems, process and skills in enabling marketing to progress on their performance management and marketing accountability journey.

Converting Oceans of Data Into Insights, RBDR

In business, we face all types of shortages – but one shortage we don’t face is a shortage of data… Data is only going to grow. The challenge is to convert this data into insights. This video identifies 5 steps to help with transforming data into insights and knowledge.

DAA Thought Leader Conversation with Laura Patterson- Podcast

Jim Sterne and Laura Patterson talk about the continued importance of analytics for Marketing.

Marketers Need Digital Analytics Skills Says Laura Patterson - CRM Radio Today



Bringing Science to the Art of Marketing

The primary responsibility of Marketing is to drive business growth and revenues, and the way to do that is by creating and executing strategies that enable the organization to acquire more of something faster and cheaper than it has in the past. So how can you ensure that your Marketing produces these results? This webinar provides methods for you to take on the data and analytics challenge, as well as 4 keys to success.

Creating an Analytics Center of Excellence

Edwin Dirks from Intel, Saad Hameed from LinkedIn, and Laura Patterson from VisionEdge Marketing share their insights on Creating an Analytics Center of Excellence at the MarketingOps Technology Summit.  The panel explored the role analytics play in making your company agile and for making better decisions by understanding scenarios and options. Organizations invest in developing an analytics center of excellence to enable deriving valuable insights on the market and customers, for improving brand reputation, and guiding the prioritization and selection of opportunities for greatest growth.


Tip: You Can Get Big Insights from Little Data - Rooted in Revenue Podcast

B2B Community: Using Data & Analytics to Improve Marketing Performance

While marketers today have access to more data than ever before, there is a huge data disconnect that prevents many from effectively using data to improve their marketing. The key challenge marketers are facing today is unlocking the value of data. This webinar focuses on presenting methods marketers can use to gather, analyze, and apply data to their organizations, resulting in an overall improvement in marketing performance.


Follow this link:

Got Marketing Data? Use analytics to Make it Actionable - Nimble Webinar 

Marketers are increasingly being held responsible for growth and revenue. Today, data analytics provide the foundation for finding, keeping, and growing the value of customers - your growth engine.  Listen and learn to how to define and identify key customer metrics, what models should be in every marketer's library, techniques for syncing content, channels and the customer journey.

How Data Moves You from One Size Fits All to Segmentation Based Marketing - DMA

Hosted by the DMA DATA Community, this presentation focuses on how market data and customer data along with analytics created a marketing strategy and a measurable marketing plan to create a segmentation-based strategy to accelerate growth.


Using Big Data to Support Managing Marketing Performance

Laura's presentation at the Online Marketing Institute's Innovation Day on defining Big Data, Which Data Sets to Collect, how to turn your data into insights, and how to convert your findings into a successful business story.

How to Maximize Marketing Spend with Attribution Models: Software Advice

Decision makers face a double-edged sword when it comes to marketing online. On one hand, the Web offers a plethora of outlets for finding and reaching potential customers. But on the other, it’s difficult to know which channels and content work best for reaching your target customer. By using a method called attribution modeling, Laura describes step by step how to analyze the customer journey and figure out which touch-points move prospects down the funnel fastest.

Follow this link:


The Path to Better Marketing Results: Marketing Made Simple TV

ITSMA/VEM research shows that marketing organizations that leverage data in their strategic and tactical decision making have a business performance advantage.

Data-savvy organizations are better able to improve their average time to revenue and decrease their sales costs per order dollar.

But what does it take to be data-savvy?

Customer-Centricity, Strategy and Planning

Nimble Webinar: How to Develop a Customer-Centric Growth Plan for 2023

Nimble CEO, Jon Ferrara, and Founder of VisionEdge Marketing, Laura Patterson, discuss how to Develop a Customer-Centric Growth Plan for 2023!

A customer-centric growth plan serves as more than a roadmap. It facilitates alignment, clarifies how success will be measured, establishes the strategy, and all the programs, tactics, and activities along with performance targets and budget to achieve business results.

What's My Pipeline? Podcast: Customer Centricity - An Important Key to Business Growth

Listen in as Paul Mosenson of What's My Pipeline? and Laura Patterson explore Customer Centricity; the impact of customer effort on customer retention and new customer acquisition, your pipeline velocity, and your bottom line.

Outcome-Based Budgets vs. Line Item Belt Tightening

In this episode, Laura Patterson, President of VisionEdge Marketing gives suggestions for smaller to mid-size companies about building an advisory panel from your customers and why that continues to build loyalty, resources for valuable information, and your ability to better serve all of your customers. This fits into the topic of budgets and getting away from a line-items from the past, compared to outcome-based recommendations to nimbly move forward. You will pick up several tips you can implement at your own company - no matter the size - in this episode, "Outcome-Based Budgets vs. Line Item Belt Tightening."

Create a Customer-Centric Message Map to Accelerate Customer Acquisition

A customer-centric message map helps ensure consistent messaging, and plays a critical role in customer acquisition and retention. Review this presentation to learn the 5 steps it takes to create a customer-centric message map.

Moments of Truth: Establishing the foundation of your CX and EX

On this episode, Laura joins BOOST to share they keys to providing a rockstar employee experience, and why even the littlest moments matter in creating experiences that impact your bottom line. We discuss how CX and EX affect each other, why culture sets the foundation for business success, and how to progressively empower your employees.

Take a Customer Journey, If You Market Podcast

Listen in as Sky chats with Laura about the Customer Journey.  Spoiler alert, you don’t get to decide what it is, but you can identify the journeys for the customers you want.  A wise person once said, “You can’t, and won’t, catch a bear with a mouse trap or a mouse with a bear trap”.

Measurement Woes? You Might Have a Planning Problem

Laura Patterson joins Bruce Brien of Hive9 in this webinar to explore how to use planning to improve measurement.  The program explores three of the most common problems: creating the right content, effectively measuring ROI, and segmenting plans to align them to specific goals and strategies.

Watch this program to learn how to tackle these pain points by looking first at any deficiencies in the marketing planning process.

How to Tweak Your Game Plan in a Dynamic World

Laura Patterson makes a guest appearance on Laura Greeno's Chit Chat on creating a plan for growth. While revenue is critical, businesses don't market to buckets of revenue. It's all about finding, acquiring, keeping and growing the value of customers. These should be the focus of the growth plan. One of the key tips discussed was starting with customer-centric outcomes.

Are You Fishing in the Right Pond with the Right Bait?

Check out Laura’s session on Are You Fishing in the Right Pond with the Right Bait for the virtual DemandGen Summit. Without a strategic customer-centric approach to the market, demandgen and Account Based Marketing efforts are akin to bait on the hook and casting your line into an empty pond. Learn how to make sure you're fishing for customers who are right for your business, and that you have what it takes to attract them.

Are You a Customer-Centric Organization?

Laura Patterson, President of VisionEdge Marketing, stops by to talk with Troy Scheer of Culture of Value to share insights on how you can truly know if your business is customer-centric. Laura shares how you can measure your company's response to customers and the importance of "Moments of Truth" to determine whether or not you're truly customer-centric. The conversation provides real-world examples of companies who are and those who only think they are. So, where do you stand? Are you a customer-centric business?

5 Dimensions of Quality Customer Service - Laura Patterson on Engati CX

5 important elements to keep in mind while delivering the best quality service and the process behind making persona-based customer loyalty systems.

Pipeline Engineering: Synching Content to the Customer Buying Process

Catch Laura's presentation at the FWD B2B Conference all about how to take a more customer-centric approach to developing content and connecting it to how customers buy.

Take a Customer-Centric Approach to Growth - Inbound Back Office Podcast

Growth is a result of solving customer problems at the right time with the right solution with a story that resonates with your customers.

In order to grow, it's important to be customer-centric.

Listen in on this Inbound Back Office podcast, as Amy Foley and Laura examine a customer-centric framework for choosing and navigating a sustainable path forward in order to create momentum and accelerate organic market growth.

Customer Experience for the Always-On Customer

Engati invited Laura to talk about the importance of customer experience and customer engagement as part of their learning series.

Achieve Organic Growth Through Customer Centricity

Join the conversation between Lynn Yanyo of ISBM and Laura Patterson, author of the new and fourth book, Fast-Track Your Business. as they walk through the Circle of Traction framework.

Successly Live Interview -

Adam O'Donnel in this interview with Laura explores customer lifecycle and customer experience and how to impact both.

How to Master Customer Engagement- Webinar With All Inclusive Marketing

VEM President, Laura Patterson, and All Inclusive Marketing CEO, Sarah Bundy, focus on how marketers can engage their buyers and use insight collected from customer engagement to make strategic decisions. This presentation showcases how to use VisionEdge Marketing's 6 C's of Customer Engagement to map the customer buying process and as the basis for content, touchpoint, and channel decisions.

Master a Customer-Centric Approach to Ramp Up Your Business

If you’re a marketer or a business owner, then you are competing in an increasingly skeptical, distracted, and crowded marketplace. Jon Ferrara of Nimble discusses the Circle of Traction framework that everyone can use to take a more customer-centric approach to accelerating market growth.


Reviving Customer Connections: From Now to Next with ISBM

Join this virtual Town Hall with Laura Patterson, Bob Thomas and Ralph Olivia as they discuss how to revive customer connections and why it should be a top priority.


Sales Enablement and Marketing and Sales Alignment

Two Key Dimensions for Opportunity Scoring: Software Advice Session

Lead scoring is an important aspect of demand generation and opportunity management. Join Laura Patterson, president of VisionEdge Marketing, as she explores two key dimensions to take into consideration for your opportunity scoring schema.

Customer Buying Process for Opportunity Scoring: Software Advice Session

Understanding the customer buying process and how to use customer behavior is critical to opportunity scoring schema. Join Laura Patterson, president of VisionEdge Marketing, to learn an approach for creating an opportunity scoring model and tying it to customer buying process.

The Winning Combination for Sales and Marketing Alignment - Mini Webinar Series

A conversation featured in Episode 2 of the Hargreaves Sales Enablement mini-webinar series. Adrian Hargreaves meets Laura Patterson from VisionEdge Marketing to discuss outcome focused marketing alignment and accountability.

Transition from the Sales Funnel to the Customer Buying Journey

The traditional sales funnel has passed its expiration date. The customer buying journey now provides the vehicle for improving marketing and sales alignment. It provides the insights into finding, keeping and growing the value of customers.

CMO/Marketing Management & Growth Strategies

Learn the ABCs of Marketing | Laura Patterson | TBCY

What is marketing? Why is it significant? How to approach it? We have all your questions answered in our conversation with a leading marketing specialist, Laura Patterson.

Who's Replacing the Chief Marketing Officer? 

Are Chief Marketing Officers — CMOs — losing their relevance in the C-suite? And if so, can data and experimentation turn things around for them? Brian and Larua discuss what CMOs can do to stay relevant in UnIntended Consequences.

Revisiting Your Processes for Sustainable Organic Growth

Growth doesn’t just occur – it takes intent and deliberate action.  Laura Patterson, author of the new book, Fast-Track Your Business, and growth strategist touches on 3 areas to create customer-centric framework that provides a process for navigating and accelerating organic growth.

Upstream Marketing with Sky Cassidy of the Elephant Test

Sky and Laura discuss the difference between Upstream and Downstream Marketing and why Upstream is so important and must be addressed first.

Thriving Now and Beyond - A conversation with Xfinity

Catch the conversation between Pallab (Paul) Dutta of Xfinity Solutions and Laura Patterson as they discuss strategies for sustaining and increasing growth in good times and bad.

A Blueprint for Your Business: A Podcast that Builds - Dodge Data & Analytics

Laura Patterson, President of VisionEdge Marketing, discusses the importance of building a marketing plan, the elements that go into a marketing plan, the importance of data to that plan, and first steps to creating one with Dodge Data & Analytics.

What Marketing Needs to Do To Remain Relevant, B2B Marketing Forum

The video was in association with the B2BMarketing Forum 10 year anniversary. Laura takes a look back and a look forward into the role of Marketing and what Marketing can do to be a more strategic member of the leadership team.

Why CEO's and CFO's Are Still Beggars When it Comes to Marketing ROI - SLMA Radio

How to Intentionally Engage in Organic Growth - Inbound Back Office Podcast

Amy from Inbound Back Office and Laura explore what it means to grow organically, the merits and the steps an organization should take to generate organic growth.



How to Keep From Falling Prey to Shiny Objects

Laura Patterson is Co-founder and President of VisionEdge Marketing. In this interview she explains how her firm helps companies of all sizes improve their marketing, and the dangers of falling prey to the shiny marketing object syndrome.

The 5 Things That Best In Class Marketers Do Better Than Their Peers - B2B Growth

The stakes remain high for every Marketer to demonstrate how they help their companies drive growth, create value, and improve business performance. If proving Marketing’s value or improving Marketing effectiveness are among your priorities, be sure to catch this podcast sooner than later.

How to Accelerate Growth Through Customer Intimacy 

Many marketers are either not measuring the right things or measuring things that tell a different story than they intend to. In this conversation with Matt Heinz, Laura and Matt explore the evolution of marketing accountability and how measuring the marketing's impact on the business takes more than a scorecard.

How to Know if Your CMO is Lost in the Weeds

Brian Massey of Conversion Sciences and Laura chat about the underlying causes for lack of trust in CMOs, why major brands are eliminating the CMO position, and how CMOs can regain a strategic position in their business.




The Role of the CMO is Evolving: Get Ready to Adapt in Order to Survive #CMOTalk

Creating value is critical for CMOs. Watch this webinar and learn how successful CMOs are embracing this shift in thinking and tackling the transformation head-on by embracing new technology and wrapping their heads and hands around data.

Ready, Set, Grow! 8 C-Suite Conversations

Ready Set Grow! Episode 8 - Kevin Dunworth CEO Celling Biosciences

Kevin and Laura explore the challenges and role of Marketing when your company is leading the innovation and disruption in a category.


Ready Set Grow! Episode 7 - Greg Stock, CEO, Zenoss

Greg and Laura discuss the role of Marketing in fueling the engine for growth. To achieve growth, Greg explains the importance of the moving at the speed of change.

Ready Set Grow! Episode 6 - Becky Taylor, COO 

Becky and Laura talk about Marketing's role in weaving together today and tomorrow to drive sustainable organic growth.


Ready Set Grow! Episode 5 - Marc Hafner, CEO, Revionics

Mark and Laura explore the indispensable role of Marketing in every aspect of organic growth.

Ready Set Grow! Episode 4 - Kevin Jones, CEO

Kevin and Laura discuss the critical role of differentiation to achieve organic growth.


Ready Set Grow! Episode 3 - Dave Sikora, CEO, ALTR

Dave and Laura talk about the importance of product-market-fit for driving organic growth.


Ready Set Grow! Episode 2 - JT McCormick, CEO, Scribe Media

JT and Laura discuss the role of tribe and culture in driving organic growth.

Ready Set Grow! Episode 1 - Steve "Ziggy" Shanklin, CEO, White Cloud Security

Ziggy and Laura talk about why your growth strategy needs to do more than help you grow.


Marketing Accountability, Performance Management and MPM Benchmark Study Overviews

The Art of Marketing Podcast - Effectiveness Over Efficiency: Finding Balance in Marketing

In this episode of the The Art of Marketing Podcast, Glenn Bottomly  of Taylor Corporation and Laura discuss how Marketing Ops can make your Marketing team more efficient without sacrificing effectiveness.  Listen in as they drill down on the topic of the strategic role Marketing Ops plays in today's business environment and brand authenticity and the importance of understanding the entire customer journey.

The Backstory on Marketing, Episode 20: Laura Patterson

What are the latest findings from the Marketing Performance Management Benchmark Study? Published in the Journal of Applied Marketing Analytics, this study provides consumers with some very useful information regarding measurement, dashboards, culture, etc. Laura Patterson, President of VisionEdge Marketing, Inc. shares her insights. Do you want to learn more? Check out the following study: VisionEdge Marketing and the University of Texas at Dallas (2021-2022):

Perspectives on Marketing Management Excellence: Creating a Customer-Centric Marketing Plan

Take creative and concise approach to building a plan that helps you become the company hero and meet your quarterly goals in a single bound! (Well, almost.)

Find Out How to Set Up Your Marketing Organization to Excel

The ISBM MEX event explores the findings from the 2021-2022 MPM Benchmark Report & how to apply these to create a Marketing org. that excels.

B2B Marketing Measurement Webinar

Through examples, Laura Patterson of VEM, Laura Ramos of Forrester, and Julie Schwarz of ITSMA, will explore how marketers are upgrading marketing performance management to help transition from operationally proficient to business critical in the eyes of the rest of the executive team.

Are You Focused on Doing and Measuring the Right Things to Grow Your Business?

In this episode of Culture of Value, the host Troy Scheer and Laura Patterson discuss how business leaders can deploy their Marketing team to improve business outcomes and measure Marketing's contribution, value and success.

The Making of a Relevant and Actionable Marketing Dashboard

Laura Patterson teams up with the American Marketing Association to discuss the difference between scorecards, dashboards and performance reports;what goes into to creating an actionable and relevant dashboard; and what measures should be on every dashboard.

Speaking the Language of Marketing Measurement 

Laura Patterson met with Jeff Chamberlain of Origami Logic to discuss the language of marketing performance measurement.

So You Say You Need a Marketing Dashboard... Let's Talk. 

We imagine that you, like almost Marketing organization today, have some kind of dashboard. Not all dashboards are equal value! Listen to the recording, “So You Say You Want a Marketing Dashboard” to find out what makes the best-in-class marketers dashboards better.

Elephant Test Podcast: Marketing Performance Management

On this episode of The Elephant Test, we sat down with Laura Patterson of VisionEdge Marketing to talk about dashboards, data, and why marketing should always be in the room.

What is Performance Measurement and Management?

What is performance measurement and management? Laura takes Sarah Bundy of All Inclusive Marketing through the 6 best practices of performance measurement.

Jerry Rackley Prepares His Students to Enter the Workforce

Jerry of OSU asks Laura how she arrived at where she is today as a way to help his students understand that the path isn't always a straight line.

Accountable Marketing Interview

Laura Patterson and Michiel van de Watering's discuss his new book "YES! Accountable Marketing" in this interview.


How to Overcome the 4 Key MPM Challenges

Allocadia, Origami Logic, Response Capture and VEM team up to reveal how to overcome the 4 key MPM challenges.

ITSMA/VEM/Forrester Webinar Briefing: 2013 MPM Survey Results

This webinar unveiled the long awaited results of the 2013 Marketing Performance Measurement Survey which was created to understand how marketers in the field have been using metrics to make strategic decisions and prove marketing ROI.

MPM Interview: Shimon and Laura Talk About Marketing Performance Management

Shimon Ben-Ayoun, Founder and Energizer, The B2B Marketing Forum interviews Laura Patterson to learn more about the trending topic of marketing performance management.

The Measure of Marketing on Marketing Made Simple TV

Featured guest, Laura Patterson of VisionEdge Marketing sits down with show host Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers. In this fun and engaging internet show, you'll learn why MPM matters and more!

Why We Measure With VP of Marketing for Marketo

Jon Miller, VP of Marketing for Marketo and Laura Patterson, President for VisionEdge Marketing, explore what separates the Marketing 'A' players from the rest of the pack to earn their seat at the revenue table.

Measuring Marketing's Impact on the Pipeline

Jon Miller, VP of Marketing for Marketo and Laura Patterson, President for VisionEdge Marketing discuss how important it is for Marketing and Sales to work together in driving the customer buying pipeline.

Determining Marketing ROI in Multiple Channel Environment

Jon Miller, VP of Marketing for Marketo and Laura Patterson, President for VisionEdge Marketing discuss how to measure program effectiveness in today's multiple touches and multiple channel environment.

Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

Jon Miller, VP of Marketing for Marketo and Laura Patterson, President for VisionEdge Marketing discuss the role of analysis, planning and forecasting.

Categorizing Your B2B Marketing Metrics

Jon Miller, VP of Marketing for Marketo and Laura Patterson, President for VisionEdge Marketing, explore the measures and metrics marketers use and what metrics help measure Marketing's effectiveness and value.

Cooking Up the Best Marketing Performance - 2017 MPM Study Results Webinar

The 16th annual MPM study identfies the 5 active ingredients used by the Best-in-Class Marketing orgs 16th to  improve business results, have more influence over business decisions, and more credibility than their counterparts.

Cracking the Code of Marketing Performance

An elite group of marketing organizations have “cracked the code” of marketing performance. Wonder where you land and what you can do to move your marketing performance efforts forward?

Value Creator, Sales Enabler or Campaign Producer - How Does Your Team Rank?

The Jeannette Expedition - an eight-day northern arctic trek in which the team was inadvertently back tracking farther south - serves as a metaphor for our 2016 Marketing Performance Management (MPM) Benchmark study.

How to Maintain Healthy Communication During Crises with Bob Samuels

Crises happen. Laura and Bob of TechConnectr discuss maintaining healthy communication with colleagues, clients and prospects during the crises.

Why and How to Benchmark Your Agency - Filament WebClinic

Marketing agencies need to know how to benchmark to identify areas where they excel and opportunities to improve.