Guide Your Marketing Performance Management with Audits, Assessments and Online Tools.

If you’re like most Marketing organizations you create a plan, employ processes, and report on your performance.   Decades of research shows that Best-in-Class Marketing organizations approach alignment, accountability, analytics and processes differently. We can help you become a best-in-class performer. Use our fast-track assessments and audits to quickly identify gaps and actionable recommendations that move your Marketing Performance Management efforts forward.

Our comprehensive approach will help you:

  • Improve and prove the value of your Marketing
  • Connect your Marketing efforts to real business results
  • Transform Marketing into a center of excellence
  • Make customer-centric decisions based on data and analytics
  • Improve your Marketing performance measurement


Use one of our many audit and assessment processes to identify and close your gaps. Some of the most popular ones include the Marketing Plan Review, Metrics Audit, Dashboard Assessment, Center of Readiness Inspection.

Marketing Plan Fast Track Review

The best Marketing plan is measurable, outcome-based, and customer-centric. Best-in-class Marketing organization’s plan include performance targets and avoid primarily providing list of tactics with delivery dates and costs. These plans are highly connected to the business and its strategy. A key part of this review is make sure your plan outcome-based, aligned, and customer-focused.

How It Works – Three Simple Steps

We built our Marketing Plan Fast Track Review based on years of experience helping organizations of every size formulate better marketing plans. From start to finish, the fast track review process entails three steps that occur within 5-7 business days.

  1. Schedule an initial 20 minute in-take call
  2. Submit your Plan
  3. Schedule your Fast Track Assessment call

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Centers of Excellence Readiness Inspection


Research suggests that when an average performing company moves to the top-quartile of performance, profits increase by 3-4 percent of revenue. Process is one of the four pillars of high performing organizations. All functions within your organization run on process and Marketing is no exception. High performing Marketing organizations operate Marketing as a Centers of Excellence (CoE).  In fact, these organizations are nearly 3X more likely to exemplify or function as a CoE.

How It Works

A Marketing CoE helps the organization employ best practices to improve internal business processes, customer-centricity, market leadership, and market innovation. As experts in establishing Centers of Excellence for Marketing we’ve learned over the years that there are five essential success factors required to transform your marketing organization into a Center of Excellence (CoE). Find out where you are and what steps to take next for your Marketing organization to exemplify a CoE that:

  • Provides leadership by fostering and institutionalizing best practices
  • Enhances your team’s skills to improve Marketing performance
  • Achieves business results faster through increased agility

This is a highly customized service and entails an initial in-take and completion of a worksheet. Next steps are based on the call and your worksheet input.

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Dashboard Assessment

Increased competition and pressure from stakeholders have made dashboards a must-have versus a nice-to-have. So, most Marketing executives have implemented, or are in the process of developing, dashboards. Unfortunately, most of the dashboards we’ve seen consist of a smorgasbord of numbers that report on activity and outputs. Years of research reveal that the  dashboards of Best-in-Class Marketing organizations (only 1 in 5) are superior compared to their counterparts in three areas:

  • Monitor/measure Marketing objectives aligned to business outcomes
  • Analyze performance of campaigns or other Marketing activities
  • Track Marketing metrics in real-time

How It Works

Our Dashboard Assessment service is designed to help ensure that your dashboard effectively helps you:

  • Project a unified, enterprise-wide strategic view of marketing performance
  • Gauge performance, monitor progress, and facilitate decisions based on relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Manage risk and monitor whether you’re on track interactively, with an at-a-glance view.
  • Link marketing activities and investments to business results to prove the value of the marketing team and organization.

In three easy steps you can find out how your dashboard stacks up and what you can do to make it better.

  • Schedule an initial 20 minute in-take call
  • Submit your Dashboard
  • Schedule your Dashboard Assessment call

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MarketStrength Metrics Audit

As part of its Metrics First™ Service, VisionEdge Marketing conducts Marketing Performance Measurement and Management Audits (Metrics Audit). A metrics audit is a systematic examination of an organization is marketing metrics, dashboard, data, measurement and reporting processes, personnel measurement proficiency and competence and the organization is culture of accountability.

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Marketing Performance Management Audit

Avail yourself of two approaches to assess the overall health of your performance management proficiency. Conduct a comprehensive Marketing Effectiveness Audit that includes interviews with internal stakeholders from across the organization and thorough reviews marketing processes, systems, and performance measurement competencies.

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Employ a Proven World-Class Approach to Your Marketing Performance Management

Sometimes you need to follow a recipe and have more hands on support to launch or accelerate your Marketing Performance Management journey.  In response to customer requests we are making two tool suites we’ve used in hundreds of customer engagements commercially available:

  1. Accelance® Connecting Marketing to Business Results™
  2. The Avantage Tools Suite®

Accelance® Connecting Marketing to Business Results

We created our patent-pending Accelance® Connecting Marketing to Business Results™ methodology and application with this in mind. The Accelance® methodology and application is for organizations aspiring to transform from activity-based to outcome-based as part of their marketing performance management and measurement journey. This architectural approach to building your plan, defining your metrics, and laying the foundation for your dashboard is unlike anything you’ve ever used before.


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The Accelance® application employs a mapping technique to help clarify, improve and communicate Marketing’s alignment and accountability. The mapping process integrates metrics and performance targets to produces a customer-centric outcome-based blueprint. The blueprint this application produces serves as a visual plan of action that facilitates marketing alignment to the business and provides direct-line-of-sight between activities and investments with business results. It has the unique advantage of helping you establish performance targets and metrics along this chain. This visual data chain serves as the building blocks for a multi-level dashboard.

Tap the level of support you need.  Advisory services to keep you on track and review your blueprint, a 2-day workshop to architect your blueprint, or rock and roll on your own using the tutorials within the application. Or go full service and have access to all three.

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The Avantage Tools Suite® is among the first of its kind to provide a data-driven approach to segmentation and positioning. Each of the tools within the suite guide you through a series of prompts designed to help guide your decisions about which market to pursue and how to create a differential competitive advantage.

The three tools in the suite help you:

  1. Identify a differential competitive advantage that can serve as the foundation for a positioning platform. Avantage Positioning enables you to assess your opportunity for creating a differential competitive advantage as well as potential pitfalls.
  2. Establish criteria for selecting a potential market or customer segment as well as a scoring process for evaluating segments against the criteria with Avantage Target.
  3. Determine your probability of success and whether an investment in a market or customer segment is worthwhile with Avantage Opportunity Calculator.

*Avantage in the cloud is currently in the kitchen, cooking up a new recipe! It is still available, just not via the cloud.

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