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To be truly successful and deliver real value to the business, organizations need to be more agile and strengthen their operational capabilities, in order to make better growth decisions. These goals are achievable when you commit to implementing one of these two operating models: Operational Excellence or Center of Excellence (from this point on, collectively referred to as “Operational Excellence”).

Although these two operating models have different definitions, maturity levels, levers, and purposes, the following 8 components are fundamental to both. We have deep experience in all of these areas:

Decades of expertise and research show conclusively that the best organizations are built around one, or both of the excellence models, which include a strong operations performance management function to provide decision support.


Create a high performing organization to realize outstanding results and competitive advantage

Why companies engage us. Our customers know that adopting one or both of the two operational excellence models, more quickly than their competitors, is the key to thriving in today’s hyper-competitive world. Whether they need expertise or bandwidth, they find our experience, expertise and outside perspective with each of these operational excellence models valuable for achieving greater success with less risk.

What we deliver. All of our cross-model experience and expertise helps you achieve the most measurable and successful model implementation. We examine and assist in the implementation of the model best-suited for your organization, based on your requirements, capabilities and goals. Regardless of the model you choose, each model is designed to help you excel at the fundamental growth enablers:

  • Alignment – the degree of alignment between organizational activities, investment, objectives and business outcomes, and the degree to which the organizational plan and budget reflects this alignment.
  • Accountability – the measurability of the plan; existence of, and process for, performance target setting; and performance results tracking.
  • Analytics – the degree of, and organization of data, data capture systems, and analytical skills and capabilities.
  • Automation – the overall infrastructure associated with the expected model outcomes such as, but not limited to actual technology, workflow, measurement, and reporting processes and skills.

“I’ve worked with Laura since 2012 on several projects associated with Operational Excellence, performance measurement and data chain improvement. While the field is full of those who claim to do similar work, I found Laura’s personalized end-to-end approach, and especially her commitment to driving customer-centric success outcomes as key differentiators. She enabled us to identify opportunities for continuous improvement, define outcome-based metrics and data chains to achieve them, as well as learn from best practices… “ Jay Verellen, Director Global Brand Strategy — Kennametal

operational excellence marketing operations centers of excellence growth performance management business excellence

Implement Your Operational Excellence Model with Greater Success and Less Risk

Leverage our expertise. Our operational excellence capabilities and services range from auditing your current state to speaking engagements for talent development to a Collaborative Consulting Engagement. Start your path to operational excellence with one of these 3 approaches: assessments, best-practice presentations, a customer-centric engagement.

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Does your organization have the capabilities and proficiencies to be effective? The answer this question begins with our comprehensive Performance Management Audit. The purpose of this audit is to understand your current state. We then use these results to create a roadmap specifically designed for your organization to move your efforts forward – more quickly and with more confidence.  The audit includes interviews with internal stakeholders from across the organization, and a thorough review of your processes, technology, and performance measurement competencies.

Excellence Readiness COE Assessment

How ready is your organization to tackle potential challenges that might arise when implementing new customer-centric procedures, structures, and processes designed to achieve competitive advantage? Our Centers of Excellence (CoE) Readiness Inspection is designed to answer this very question.  Upon completion, we’ll provide guidance for how to transform your organization into a CoE. 


speaking engagement growth cutomer centric business management operational exellence center of excellence workshops

Inspire and educate your team. Operational excellence is a team effort that requires extensive internal collaboration.  Begin the on-boarding process with one of these programs:

  • Enable High Performance for Your Organization
  • Establishing Marketing as a Center of Excellence
  • Marketing Ops: Fulfill Your Organization’s Potential


Use our collaborative consulting to build your internal expertise.

Let’s put our heads together to build your best-in-class Operational Excellence model, fully aligned to business outcomes and ready to demonstrate and achieve your end goals. Our knowledge and skill transfer; and change management, will help you achieve your objectives faster. We offer a robust, customized consulting engagement designed to address your unique needs.


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“I love your articles and advice – I feel like everything you write is thought-provoking and actionable.” – Marcie, Marketing Director, Technology industry.

Join our community to gain insights into creating growth strategies and execution; and employing growth enablers, including accountability, alignment, analytics, and operational excellence.

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