Workshop Description

Touch Point Effectiveness WorkshopEach of us can recall good and bad customer experiences – whether an online buying experience, the responsiveness from a supplier or the encounter with someone on the front line. As business professions we understand the importance of every single interaction a customer or prospect has with an organization, especially in today’s environment of intense competition, low switching costs, and increased commoditization. Your touch point effectiveness is the key to managing customer experience and engagement.

Customer experience and engagement have evolved from table stakes to points of differentiation, as indicated by the flurry of customer experience/relationship scores and indexes now being published. More and more evidence strongly suggests that there is a link between customer experience/engagement and the financial success of the company.

So what are some things your company can do to begin to understand how to improve customer experience and engagement? We have found that companies truly focused on improving customer engagement do at least two things: they identify all the key touch points a customer has with their company, measure their effectiveness and use them to create a map of the customer experience. This is the purpose of the interactive Touch Point Effectiveness Workshop (TPE).


As a result of the TPE Workshop, you will have

  • The initial inventory of touch points customers encounter throughout their life cycle along with its operation role and purpose within the customer experience,
  • The initial scoring of the value of each touch point in terms of its impact on the experience
  • An initial assessment of each touch points effectiveness.


A Word document is generated containing notes from the workshop that includes the initial inventory of your organization’s touch points, a map of the touch points as they relate to the customer life cycle, and a 2X2 grid that depicts how each touch point relates to the operational and customer experience effectiveness


Workbook Description

Using The Customer Buying Process To Align Sales and Marketing & Create 3 Key Enablement Tools

Using the Customer Buying ProcessFocus on the Customer Journey to Align Sales and Marketing

Too often the lack of alignment between marketing and sales gets in the way of an organization’s success. Alignment between marketing and sales is pivotal to overall effectiveness and performance.

The workbook presents the concept of leveraging the customer buying process and how to use this process to facilitate alignment between marketing and sales and three customer-centric tools to support sales enablement: personas, use cases and playbooks. The 54-page workbook provides 15 worksheets to enable users to map their customer buying process, to develop questions for persona creation, to work though considerations for creating usage scenarios, to guide the development of playbooks, to establish business outcomes, performance targets and metrics for sales and marketing, and to inventory sales assets. As a result, workbook users will be able to refine their marketing and sales process. Refunds for cancellations will only be made within 24 hours of the purchase as long as no electronic documents have been downloaded or products have physically shipped. Once a product is downloaded or shipped, no refund will be issued. Refunds must be requested in writing. The refund will total full amount of purchase less the credit card service fees for the both the purchase and refund and a cancellation service charge.

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