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How Advisory and Coaching

Services Improve Market Success

advisory and coaching services

To realize superior market performance your Marketing organization must operate at the top of their game. The customer journey process, the proliferation of channels, data and technology, and the speed of business requires marketers to add and hone skills more often than some of their peers. Tapping the expertise of thought leaders, domain authorities, and experts with proven-track records is a worthwhile investment.

In their 2016-17 CMO Spend Survey, Gartner revealed that “while the majority of marketers expect increases in 2017, 14% are bracing for a cut. This is up from only 3% who expected cuts in the 2014-2015 survey and is the highest reported percentage in the survey’s five-year history.” So, what is the implication of this potential shift? In short, Marketing and business leaders may need to rebalance their in-house/external talent mix.

If having your Marketing leaders stay focused on the big picture and with an inside track on best practices is important, consider our advisory and coaching services. All of the services we provide through engagements can be parlayed into advisory and coaching. If you want to bring long-tenure to the table, proven results, ready-made processes and templates (which reduce costs), as well as technical expertise, we welcome hearing from you.

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