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Employ One or Several of our Four Marketing Performance Best Practices to Accelerate Your Efforts

You are here, and we are delighted you share our passion for Marketing excellence! As experts with decades of experience and research behind us, we have found that customer and market-centric companies recognize the importance of upstream Marketing to accelerate growth, create customer value and improve performance.

We built our business around four best practices employed by Best-in-Class organizations that enable our customers to achieve:

Four practices to achieve Marketing Performance Management.

Accelerate your journey to Marketing excellence with of VEM’s proven practices.

  1. Alignment. Alignment around strategy, positioning, performance management, and planning are often the missing links between the work of Marketing and the value of Marketing.
  2. Accountability. Accountability which encompasses the metrics you chose and the dashboards you use for performance measurement is the difference between measuring the stuff of Marketing and proving Marketing’s contribution and impact.
  3. Data-Derived Decisions. Making solid customer-centric business decisions today takes employing analytics to derive customer, product, and market insights, develop segmentation and customer models.
  4. Operational Excellence. The key to enhancing productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency rests on moving from managing activity to focusing on the right process and skills.

These four practices are the foundation for improving and proving the value of Marketing.

Helping you succeed with these initiatives is our purpose and our passion.

Our customers find these four practices help them successfully address:

  • Positioning and differentiation, which is so critical to opportunity development
  • Aligning Sales and Marketing to improve opportunity development and management
  • Defining new products/service strategies and market segments designed to attract, retain, and grow the value of customers
  • Developing marketing metrics to measure effectiveness, efficiency, and value
  • Aligning marketing with key business goals and developing metrics that will demonstrate Marketing’s impact on these goals
  • Creating Marketing dashboards to report on Marketing performance
  • Defining and engineering data, measurement, and reporting processes

Choose from these Service Options

Whether it is incremental improvement or a profound transformation, our speaking, training consulting, and assessments and audits are designed to help you create a Best-in-Class Marketing organization. Our scalable solutions enable you to tap into our expertise and experience regardless of your budget.

  1. Inspire Your Team with a Speaking Engagement. Secure our president, a recognized authority in alignment, accountability, analytics, and operational excellence as a speaker for your Marketing’s team’s next gathering. These recordings provide a view into what you can expect. See our most popular programs. 
  2. Change Behavior within your Team. Through our educational services, you can bolster your Marketing team’s skills and capabilities. Our on-site interactive Workshops help you create a specific blueprint of action and improve your marketing effectiveness and accountability competencies. Looking for something more classroom-like? See our Strategic Marketing Academy  curriculum details.
  3. Expedite Results Through Collaborative Consulting Engagements. Companies who need an outside-perspective or additional expertise, or who are just short on time, choose our consulting services. These engagements are customized, project-based and designed to maximize skills and knowledge transfer. Or choose from these proven approaches SmartStart Services Suite™MetStrat for MPM™, and Accelance®.
  4. Identify Your Gaps and Needs with Our Proven Audits and Assessments. VEM can help you audit and benchmark your organization. You will be able to see exactly how you stack up against best-in-class organizations that get high marks from the C-Suite for their ability to prove and improve the value of Marketing. By identifying any gaps you have as well as understanding how to address them, we help you dramatically improve impact, contribution and value to the business.
  5. Ramp at Your Own Pace. Our learning center provides a wealth of resources for each practice. Kick-start your progress with free Resources, such as ArticlesWhite PapersCase Studies, and Recordings.

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