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Propel Your High Performance Marketing Journey

“We wanted a firm that could combine training and structure, tools, techniques and frameworks – someone with a proven track record.” – Elsevier

You’re here, so improving your Marketing Effectiveness, Accountability and Measurement, your ability to translate Data into actionable Market, Customer, and Product Insights, your ability to communicate Marketing’s value, contribution, and impact, and your ability to operate Marketing as a Center of Excellence must be on your radar screen. Helping you succeed with these initiatives is our purpose and our passion.

Our customers greatly appreciate our analytical and fact-based approach to marketing. Customers frequently rely on our services for the following:

  1. Positioning and differentiation, which is so critical to opportunity development
  2. Aligning sales and marketing to improve opportunity development and management
  3. Defining new products/service strategies and market segments designed to attract, retain, and grow the value of customers
  4. Developing marketing metrics to measure effectiveness, efficiency, and value
  5. Aligning marketing with key business goals and developing metrics that will demonstrate marketing’s impact on these goals
  6. Creating marketing dashboards to report on marketing performance
  7. Defining and engineering data, measurement, and reporting processes

We have organized these capabilities into two practices, both of which encompass Data, Analytics, Metrics, and Processes:

Service Options Designed to Fit Your Needs, Your Budget, and Your Timeline

Whether it is incremental improvement or a profound transformation, our consulting, coaching, or online DIY tools help you create a Best-in-Class Marketing organization. Our scalable solutions enable you to tap into our expertise and experience regardless of your budget.

Expedite Results through Collaborative Engagements

Companies who need an outside-perspective or additional expertise, or who are just short on time, choose our consulting services. These engagements are project-based and are typically delivered through our SmartStart Services Suite™, MetStrat for MPM™, and Accelance®.

Bolster Your Skills with Facilitated Learning Services

Through our educational services, you can enhance your marketing skills and capabilities. Choose from either on-site interactive Workshops that create a specific blueprint of action or courses within the Strategic Marketing Academy™ that increase your knowledge and understanding of marketing concepts critical to improving your marketing effectiveness and accountability competencies.

Ramp at Your Own Pace

The VisionEdge Marketing TIPS Database, workbooks, books, and online tools are affordable favorites for the do-it-yourself crowd. The Avantage Tools Suite® and the Accelance® Audit and Blueprint tools are well-established proven methodologies.

Free for All

Kick-start your progress with free Resources, such as our KeyPoint Marketing Performance Newsletter, Articles, White Papers, Case Studies, Recordings, and of course, our Experts Community. When you have a business relationship with VisionEdge Marketing, you not only benefit from our expertise, but also the collective expertise of our other customers. By visiting our Experts Community section, you can gain valuable tips and advice from professionals in the marketing world.

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