Research suggests that when an average performing company moves to the top-quartile of performance, profits increase by 3-4 percent of revenue. Process is one of the four pillars of high performing organizations. All functions within your organization run on process. The Marketing function plays a vital and primary role in any organization committed to growth.  One of the best ways for your Marketing to serve as an engine of growth is for it to operate as a Centers of Excellence (CoE). In fact, high performing Marketing organizations are nearly 3X more likely to exemplify or function as a CoE.

How It Works

Like any CoE, a Marketing CoE helps the organization employ best practices to improve internal business processes, customer-centricity, market leadership, and market innovation. Find out where you are and what steps to take next for your Marketing organization to exemplify a CoE that:

  • Provides leadership by fostering and institutionalizing best practices
  • Enhances your team’s skills to improve Marketing performance
  • Achieves business results faster through increased agility

As experts in establishing Centers of Excellence for Marketing we’ve learned over the years the essential success factors required to transform your Marketing organization into a Center of Excellence (CoE).

Find Out Where You Are and How to Make Marketing Excel as an Engine for Growth

Centers of Excellence Readiness Inspection A Massachusetts Institute of Technology study found that agile firms grow revenue 37% faster, and generate 30% higher profits than non-agile companies. The same study found that the critical traits of an agile business include rapid decision-making and execution, a high-performance culture, the ability to access the right information at the right time, accountability, and flexible management teams.

Centers of Excellence (CoE) that deliver on the promise of agility reap concrete financial payoffs.

Marketing organizations committed to driving growth and improving performance transform their function into a CoE that provides leadership, fosters and institutionalizes best practices, enhances their team’s skills, and enables agility. Agile Marketing organizations are better able to adapt their marketing efforts, quickly and successfully, in response to changing customer behavior, market conditions, and business direction to accelerate growth, improve market share and/or customer value.

Our Centers of Excellence Readiness Inspection service examines the existence, quality, and capabilities of your organization in the four key dimensions needed for Marketing organizations to excel as an engine of grwoth:

  1. Alignment – the degree of alignment between marketing activities, investment, objectives and business outcomes, and the degree to which the marketing plan and budget reflects this alignment.
  2. Accountability – the measurability of the marketing plan; existence of, and process for, performance target setting; and performance results tracking.
  3. Analytics – the degree of, and organization of data, data capture systems, and analytical skills and capabilities.
  4. Automation – the overall infrastructure associated with the work of marketing, such as but not limited to actual systems, marketing workflow, measurement, and reporting processes and skills.

Your Center of Exellence Inspection Entails 7 Steps:

This is a highly customized service and entails an initial in-take and completion of a worksheet.  Next steps are based on the call and your worksheet input.

  1. Initial discovery discussion, scheduled by VisionEdge Marketing. These are the primary topics we’ll cover in the call:
  • the process and timeline for this inspection
  • the documentation and material to submit to support the inspection
  • the four key dimensions of the inspection: alignment, accountability, analytics, and automation
  • your inputs regarding the current role of marketing in your organization
  • the expectation of the leadership team for the marketing organization and the stakeholders to be included in the interview
  • scheduling the stakeholder interviews and the discussion guide development process

2. Telephone interview schedule for up to 8 stakeholders

3. Review of your provided process/workflow documentation

4. Review of your provided data, analytics, and technology landscape

5. Marketing infrastructure and operations assessment

6. Full written report with either a PASS or FAIL conclusion for each of the four dimensions. The report includes recommendations for any areas that did not receive a passing grade to help you efficiently address any discovered gaps. Please allow 2-3 weeks from the final interview and receipt of all your materials for your written report to arrive via email.

7. One hour consultation to review the findings and recommendations and answer any questions.


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