Nimble Webinar: How to Develop a Customer-Centric Growth Plan for 2023

Start the New Year off right by joining Nimble CEO, Jon Ferrara and Founder of VisionEdge Marketing, Laura Patterson as they discuss how to Develop a Customer-Centric Growth Plan for 2023! Operating without a customer-centric growth plan is like taking a road trip without a map or a GPS system. While you may eventually reach your destination, it is likely you will get lost along […]

Marketing Ops: The Oxygen You Need for Scalable, Sustainable Growth

Operational excellence in marketing is vital to organizational growth. Enter Marketing Ops—the oxygen every marketing organization needs for peak performance. Join marketing ops visionary Laura Patterson for this free, hands-on interactive webinar and discover how to create a stellar marketing ops function. We rely on data to make smarter, more strategic decisions... faster. And that's […]


The Troy Show: Performance Management

JOIN US on "The Troy Show" for an exciting discussion on the power of performance management and its impact on accountability. Effective performance management plays a crucial role in optimizing operations, driving growth, and achieving your entrepreneurial vision. With her expertise in helping firms accelerate profit through proven growth strategies, Laura will delve deeper into […]


Driving Business Growth Through Data-Driven Marketing Performance Management

Review the relationship between Best-in-Class (BIC) Marketing organizations when it comes to performance measurement & management. Explore what the BIC Marketing organizations do differently & better to earn high marks from the C-Suite for proving & demonstrating Marketing’s value. Learn how the BIC set measurable goals, and track progress to achieve desired results.

The 4 Game Changers for Every Stage of Growth

Profitable and sustainable growth is more elusive than ever before. This is true for all industries, and companies in all growth phases, from start-up to maturity. The business as usual growth strategies are not up to the challenge. They don’t set you up to future-proof your business. Instead, every aspect of your business must be […]

Driving Business Growth Through Data-Driven Marketing Performance Management

In this presentation, Laura Patterson will share her expertise in using data-driven Marketing Performance Management (MPM) strategies to accelerate growth, create value, and improve performance for businesses. She will discuss how to use metrics and analytics to identify areas for improvement, set measurable goals, and track progress to achieve desired results.

Unlock Your Creative Brilliance: The Ultimate Customer-Centric Value Proposition Challenge!

Virtual Roundtable

Whether you’re a company of one or many, this webinar will redefine how you approach developing a customer-centric value proposition. We’ll delve into how tapping the richness of one's innate creativity back channels combined with traditional methods, enables you to craft a value proposition that stands out from your competition and resonates with your customers.

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