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Best-in-Class (BIC) marketers have cracked the code when it comes to being able to demonstrate to the C-Suite their value, impact, and contribution. These marketers serve a strategic role for market, customer, and product decisions. They focus their efforts on more than pipeline and operational efficiencies; they are in constant pursuit of market share, customer value, and innovation. They achieve this by knowing what measures, metrics, and key performance indicatiors they need.

Measure Metrics MarketingThe right measures, metrics, and KPIs enable these Marketing organizations to positively impact customer value and business growth, high customer acquisition, share of wallet, win rates and sales pipeline values, and improve performance. Want to know what it takes to join this elite group? Well Rome wasn’t built in a day, but a day will get you started!

The Marketing Metrics workshop (MMW) is a jam-packed day devoted to understanding Marketing metrics, and how to create a strong chain between campaign activity, output metrics, and business outcomes. This workshop provides you with the perspective needed to select metrics that prove Marketing’s value.


During the Marketing Metrics Workshop, you and your team will create

  1. Review what Best-In-Class Marketers do better and differently when it comes to marketing measurement and performance management (MPM)
  2. Learn the categories of various marketing metrics and how to use them to construct the chain between activities and outcomes
  3. Understand the metrics chains to support the connection of marketing investments and programs with business results
  4. Lay the foundation for your metrics chains and frame up your marketing metrics mosaic

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The metrics chains created in the working session is the only output.

Typically, lab participants move from this working session to a fast-track Collaboratory and licensing of the Accelance(r) application.

Workbook Description

It’s More than Money on the Line: Create Metrics to Measure Marketing’s Effectiveness, Impact and Value Third Edition

Create Metrics to Measure Marketing’s Effectiveness, Impact and Value

Today, most marketers are being asked to measure their impact, effectiveness, efficiency and financial contribution. Best-in-class marketers know how to select the metrics that matter to the C-Suite. They employ more outcome-based metrics than their colleagues and know how to tie their metrics to business results, making their metrics more relevant, their organization more influential and credible.

This 54-page workbook is geared to any marketing professional in any industry who wants to move beyond reporting on activities and measure and report on what is important to your organization’s leadership team and demonstrates the link between marketing efforts and investments and key business outcomes. Use the workbook’s nine worksheets to

  1. guide you through aligning marketing to the business,
  2. establish a set of outcome, operational, and activity-based metrics
  3. create the corresponding dashboard designed to demonstrate your Marketing organizations’s contribution related to finding, keeping and growing the value of customers.

Four key processes for optimizing your measurement efforts are explained in the workbook. As a result of this workbook, you will gain a better understanding of the role Marketing plays in achieving the business outcomes and know exactly what actions you must take to support the outcomes.

Leveraging Eight Key Metrics for the Customer-Centric Organization, Fourth Edition

Essential Metrics for Your Customer-Centric Organization

It’s been said we’ve entered The Age of the Customer! More and more companies are allocating their marketing spending toward more customer-centric activities that tie back to bottom-line revenue. As a result, organizations are revisiting metrics related to customers such as share of wallet, loyalty and customer retention equity.

There are numerous marketing metrics you can employ – so many that its easy for paralysis to set in. Based on decades of experience and work with hundreds of firms we’ve whittled the list down to the critical eight customer-centric measures.

Use this 51-page workbook to employ and calculate these eight key customer metrics: service quality, touch point effectiveness, customer satisfaction, customer experience, customer loyalty/advocacy, share of wallet, customer lifetime value and retention equity. Eleven worksheets guide you through the necessary steps for identifying opportunities for improvement and measuring each of these critical customer metrics. As a result of the workbook, you will identify actions you can take for improving your organization’s customer retention, share of wallet, lifetime value, and customer advocacy.

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