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Align Marketing Through Strategy Derived from Data and Insights

Strategy reflects the bets you are placing for future success. It defines the choices you are making and the options you’re forgoing. A good strategy that is well executed can significantly impact a market or business model. Developing and implementing a marketing strategy that connects Marketing to the overall strategy for the business facilitates solid alignment.

It is Marketing’s responsibility to devise and deploy strategies that accelerate growth, create customer value, and increase revenue. The strategy is what helps Marketing identify, quantify, and drive new products, new market opportunities and new process initiatives.

Better to have a good strategy and no written plan than a written plan built on a bad strategy.


Creating a Marketing Strategy and PlanStrategy is the bridge between what your company wants to achieve and the programs you implement.  Failure is expensive and wastes precious resources. Whatever role you play in whatever size organization, the success of your strategy hinges on your ability to leverage market and customer insights to pursue market opportunities and make strategic decisions.

Every company needs solid  dataprocesses, and metrics to select and implement a strategy that produces the intended results. Ready to move from trusting your gut and intuition to building and implementing a data-driven strategy that keeps Marketing aligned to the business? Here are two ways we can help:

  1. Change Behavior within your Team. Through our educational services, you can bolster your Marketing team’s skills and capabilities. Our on-site strategic planning interactive Workshop helps you assess what data you need to develop a strategy, enables you to explore and analyze potential strategic options, and build the framework for your strategic plan  . Looking for something more of a classroom-like scenario for learning about strategy? See our Strategic Marketing Academy  curriculum details.
  2. Expedite Results Through Collaborative Consulting Engagements. Companies who need an outside-perspective or additional expertise, or who are just short on time, choose our consulting services. These engagements are customized, project-based and designed to maximize skills and knowledge transfer.

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