data analytics analytical growth goals opportunities performance improvement customer value model building optimizing productivityBy now, most companies recognize that they have opportunities to use data and analytics to raise productivity, improve decision making, and gain competitive advantage. Analytics is the core ingredient for measurement and data models.

Analytics and data modeling provide a scientific approach to optimizing where you invest to meet ever-changing customer needs and ultimately achieve organization-wide, customer-centricity. Specifically, Marketing-related analytics and models allow you ascertain opportunities for growth, increase effectiveness and performance improvement. Achieving  growth goals, creating customer value, and improving performance isn’t as easy as plugging a data set into a tool. Data requires a lot of refinement before there is any visible result. It relies heavily on access to valid data sources (both internal and external), and advanced levels of analytical and model building skills.


Take a Short Trip from Analytics to Models

Analytics and analytical skills enable you to understand:

  1. How individual business decisions are interrelated
  2. The potential impact of a decision on company value creation and the customer experience
  3. The revenue and profitability impact of decisions related to customer (acquire, retain, grow), product (which/where, pricing, and adoption), and market (segments, accessibility and opportunity).

In today’s data-driven environment every marketer needs to be able to leverage several primary models such as:

• Predisposition to purchase
• Customer Risk and Value
Attribution Models and Marketing Mix
• Campaign Lift
Persona and Journey Models
• Touch Point Allocation


Why companies engage us. Our customers know that models are essential to decision making. Whether they need expertise or bandwidth, they find our experience with data and analytics valuable for making better market, customer, and product decisions. They need experts, often with an outside perspective, who can help them focus on the right data, the right analytics and the right models to help determine what is working and what changes may be necessary.

What we deliver. Our analytics expertise spans the analytics spectrum: descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive. We determine the appropriate analytics level, identify the data, acquire data if necessary, and analyze it, build, validate and verify data model. Our well-defined process gives you confidence that the resulting insights and recommendations answer the business question. You can confidently move forward with the recommended action plan. We transfer knowledge throughout the entire process, so your team can update the model as data, business needs and markets change.

“I knew from the very first conversation with Laura that we needed to work with VisionEdge Marketing. While leading a global project to define and track marketing’s influence on revenue, we determined we needed to create a data model. We were working to a firm deadline, so after evaluating our internal options, I reached out to Laura. She and her team are well-regarded for both marketing analytics and accountability and their experience with Zebra was a plus. With Laura’s help we made tremendous progress in a matter of weeks. She developed the initial framework for the model…she helped us refine and vet the model… Laura’s expertise, knowledge, well-defined process and collaborative approach, all made a major difference in being able to accomplish to create the model and deliver it on-time.” Michele Marvin, Director of Demand Generation for NA and LATM – Zebra Technologies

analytical models data process improvement business model data model


Embrace Analytics & Models to Achieve Strategic Growth Initiatives

Our analytics and data model resources and capabilities range from our Prime the Pump Interactive Workshop: Scenario Analysis for What if, to QuickStart Intelligence Service™ a component of our SmartStart Services Suite™, to a comprehensive collaborative engagement.

Start with one of these 3 approaches to leverage data, analytics and models, to achieve mission-critical insights.

scenario analysis scenario planning competitive intelligence competitive insights customer experience

Anticipation is essential for any company striving to be more agile, more customer-centric, and more competitive. How can you improve your ability to anticipate? By becoming more adept at using the concept of scenario analysis. Learn more about the Scenario Analysis Planning for “What If” workshop.

Customer and Market Segmentation

MarketSmart Segmentation™ identifies and ranks potential segments and segment clusters that are most likely to realize your revenue and growth targets. Our approach evaluates segments against criteria for two primary dimensions: accessibility and opportunity. The framework developed and refined for MarketSmart Segmentation is the foundation for the Avantage Tools Suite®.

Use our collaborative consulting to build your internal expertise.

Let’s put our heads together to identify, size and prioritize profitable customer and market segments, improve ROI on marketing investments and improve the customer experience, by delivering more targeted and valuable messaging. The combination of our data derived decision support, knowledge and skill transfer, and change management, will help you achieve your objectives. We offer a robust, customized consulting engagement designed to address your unique needs.


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