Most customers face fierce competition every day. Being able to navigate and create competitive moves takes solid competitive intelligence.  Why is competitive intelligence so vital? It is what enables you to improve your win/loss rate, grow customer share of wallet, make new product decisions confidently, successfully position products/services, and meet customer buying preferences and supplier criteria.

The competitive intelligence process involves defining, gathering, analyzing, and distributing competitive intelligence information. Acquiring the right, and accurate, CI is an integral part of nearly every Marketing process: from segmentation, to new product development, to messaging to all audiences and across all channels and touch points, to campaign development, and service quality.

Gathering competitive intelligence is one of the most time consuming aspects of the CI process.  The State of Market Intelligence report found that 43% of time in the competitive intelligence process goes toward the research phase. There are many ways to gather CI and that’s something we know a lot about.  From primary research, social listening, to tapping existing customers, our goal is to help you be smarter when it comes to collecting and using CI.

Competitive Intelligence helps you outsmart your competition.

Use data to be smarter than your competition.

Our  Collaborative Consulting approach helps you build your competitive intelligence arsenal.  Acquiring data and transforming it into actionable insights are the roots of our company. Leverage VisionEdge Marketing’s expertise, to expedite your results, maximize knowledge and skill transfer, and benefit from a change management plan.  We provide customized consulting engagements designed to address your unique needs. Together, we work hand-in-hand to build a best-in-class Marketing function for your organization that is fully aligned to business outcomes and ready to demonstrate and achieve excellence.  Check out our customer case studies to learn how we worked with our  to help them outsmart the competition.

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