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Avantage Tools Suite®

“Market segmentation and positioning are critical success factors to marketing organizations. I’ve not seen any products like these available through the web. The Avantage Tools Suite can add tremendous value to organizations looking to take a more fact based approach to developing their position in the marketplace. The segmentation product is ideal for any company wanting to make an apples-to-apples comparison between market opportunities.”

– Christopher Doran, Vice President of Marketing, Manticore Technology

Many organizations today face three overarching marketing challenges: translating data into actionable insights, connecting marketing to business results, and measuring marketing’s value, contribution and impact.

These are the hurdles we set out to help organizations conquer. To aid you in your pursuit of marketing excellence, effectiveness and efficiency, we offer a wide range of services from consulting to coaching, from working sessions to workbooks, from hands-on collaboration to online DIY tools.

The web-based patent-pending Avantage Tools Suite® is one of these online tools. It encapsulates proven, proprietary methodologies used by VEM since 1999 in organizations of all sizes and across all industries. Avantage was developed specifically to meet customer requests for easy-to-use, easy-on-the-wallet, tools to improve overall marketing effectiveness. Market/customer segmentation and positioning are two of the most critical components associated with business success.

The Avantage Tools Suite® is among the first of its kind to provide a data-driven approach to segmentation and positioning. Each of the tools within the suite guide you through a series of prompts designed to help guide your decisions about which market to pursue and how to create a differential competitive advantage.

The three tools in the suite help you:

  1. Identify a differential competitive advantage that can serve as the foundation for a positioning platform. Avantage Positioning enables you to assess your opportunity for creating a differential competitive advantage as well as potential pitfalls.
  2. Establish criteria for selecting a potential market or customer segment as well as a scoring process for evaluating segments against the criteria with Avantage Target.
  3. Determine your probability of success and whether an investment in a market or customer segment is worthwhile with Avantage Opportunity Calculator.

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