customer centric data driven data derived analytics customer decisionsGrowth imperatives and rapidly changing markets require the best, and most profitable responses, as soon as possible. The business decisions you are considering may be proactive, e.g., weighing options to increase customer value, improving CX, considering new markets, segments, solutions, pricing models, developing the best go-to-market strategy, or evaluating new partners. A business decision may be reactive, e.g., a new competitor on the rise, or a partner who deserts you.

Either way you need to be confident in your decision now, and understand the “what if’s,” so you can be prepared for future market changes.

When performed by experts, data-driven decisions and analytical models help you make better informed decisions to improve growth and reduce risk – both now and in the future.

In their Insights-Driven Businesses Set The Pace For Global Growth research report, Forrester wrote, “A new kind of company — we call them insights-driven businesses — has formed. They are growing at an average of more than 30% annually…”

These are the decision-making areas where data-driven decisions are critical:

  • Analytics and Model Development. The basis of data management and the core around which you can implement important changes in a system or operation.
  • Positioning and Messaging. A framework that produces a set of customer-centric messages that can be used consistently across all channels, steps, and touchpoints of the customer journey.
  • Ecosystem Mapping. The information you need to identify leverage points and gaps, best options for growth, what capabilities you will need to enter the ecosystem, and a go-to-market strategy.
  • Customer Insights. The customer-centric models you need to acquire and retain more customers, grow share of wallet, loyalty and advocacy, and reduce customer risk and defection.
  • Customer Buying Processes and Criteria. A customer journey map requires a deep understanding of existing and prospective customers to support market expansion, and your goal of improving CX.
  • Data-Driven, Customer-Centric Go-to-Market Strategies. Strategy is future-oriented. It requires data models to help avoid mistakes, repeat successes and to predict future trends.
  • Segmentation. Customers have multiple choices in products or services. A competitive edge requires effective customer and market segmentation, identification, and sizing.
  • Competition. Competitors can sneak up on you. With a SWOT analysis you can exploit their weaknesses, fend off threats, modify your strategy accordingly, and confidently enter new markets.

Why customers engage us. Our roots are in capturing data, using analytics to glean insights from the data that you can use to make customer, market, and product decisions. Mission-critical market moves and objective information often take outside expertise to conduct research, analyze data and convert it into actionable insights. Many companies lack these skills and/or best practices in-house. Even with in-house capabilities bandwidth can be an issue.

What we deliver. Decades of experience using various research methods, data science, and the power of analytics we can help you capture and convert your data into actionable market, customer and product insights. We turn the data into intelligence, turn the intelligence into insights, and apply the insights to solve the business problem/answer identified at the beginning of the process. From there, if you are going to make these types of decisions on a regular basis, we create predictive and repeatable models to help you streamline the process.

“I worked with Laura on a Go-to-Market research project that was bit of a combination of Voice of the Customer, competitor analyses and market assessment. She helped us in improving our customer insights and how our competitive position could be improved for this new market.” Sietse Bootsma, Marketing Manager– Howden Centrifugal & Reciprocating Compressors 


Use Data-Driven Decisions to Reduce Risk and Accelerate Customer-Centric Growth

Our data-driven decision resources and capabilities range from Prime the Pump Interactive Workshops to QuickStart Intelligence Service™ research to collaborative consulting engagements.

Choose one of the options that work best for you to get started right away.


We offer a number of Interactive Workshops to enable more confidence in your business decisions. Consider one of these as your starting point: Customer Journey Mapping, Engagement and Experience Touchpoints, Pipeline Engineering, Market & Customer Segmentation, and Scenario Analysis Planning for “What if.”

insights intelligence data-driven data-decisions market research competitive research customer research customer insights competitive intelligence

QuickStart Intelligence Service™ provides both primary and secondary research and analysis services for establishing and maintaining a customer-centric business. It includes positioning framework, data coding, testing, research deployment and fielding, data analysis, and delivery of the findings with recommendations for action. It provides the confidence you need to implement the recommended action plan.

Use our collaborative consulting to build your internal expertise.

Let’s put our heads together to confidently increase your growth opportunities and reduce your risk, using insights from data. The combination of our data science, knowledge and skill transfer, and change management, will help you make smarter decisions. We offer a robust, customized consulting engagement designed to address your unique needs.

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