Foster Truly Data-Driven and Customer-Centric Decisions

While all marketers understand the need to be able to make fact-based, strategic decisions about customers, markets and products, few do it at the highest levels. There is an art and science to conducting research, collecting and analyzing data, and developing models. These are a sample of some of the ways we help our cusotmers use data:

If your organization is not truly leveraging data in all of these areas and more, VEM can help your organization become a data-driven leader. Using various research methods, data science, and the power of analytics we can show you how to capture and convert your data into actionable market, customer and product insights to help make you one of the best-in-class organizations.

Access VEM’s Proven Methodologies And Become Truly Data-Driven and Customer-Centric Marketer

Make data-derived decisions

VEM’s roots are in capturing data, using analytics to glean insights from the data that you can use to make customer, market, and product decisions.

We make it easy for you to choose the best way to take your Marketing to the next level and employ data-derived insights. Pick the option or options that work best for you to get started right away.

1. Complete Collaborative Consulting Engagements. Our engagements range from traditional and online research methods to leveraging the value of unstructured data.  To expedite results and/or for organizations that want to leverage all of VEM’s expertise, maximize knowledge and skill transfer, and benefit from a change management plan, we provide a robust, customized consulting engagement designed to address your unique needs. Together, we work hand-in-hand to build a best-in-class Marketing function for your organization that is fully aligned to business outcomes and ready to demonstrate and achieve excellence.

2. Inspire and Educate Your Team. Whether you choose a workshop or a 1 to 2 hour speaking engagement, VEM can bolster your Marketing team’s skills and capabilities by helping you create your own set of blueprints for action and performance. In either instance, tap Laura Patterson, considered the trusted authority on alignment, accountability, analytics and operational excellence by both organizational Marketing leaders and her peers. She can engage your team and show you how leading marketers employ analytics to acquire the most value from your data, glean insights to foster better strategic and tactical decisions, make Marketing more relevant to the C-Suite.

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“I love your articles and advice – I feel like everything you write is thought-provoking and actionable.” – Marcie, Marketing Director, Technology industry.

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"I love your articles and advice - I feel like everything you write is thought-provoking and actionable."

-Marcie, Marketing Director, Technology industry

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