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Augment Marketing Strategy and Planning with Data and Insights

The importance of great planning and execution seems obvious to most of us—a good strategy that is well executed can impact a market or business model. Developing and implementing a marketing strategy and plan designed to increase revenue for the business falls within Marketing’s domain. The role of Marketing is to identify, quantify, and drive new products, new market opportunities and new process initiatives. Marketing also influences direct aspects of an organization’s marketing policies, objectives, strategies, and tactics.

However, there are still many companies that lack the data, processes, and metrics needed to ensure a strategy that produces the intended results.

Better to have a good strategy and no written plan than a written plan built on a bad strategy.

Failure is expensive and wastes precious resources. Whatever role you play in whatever size organization, success hinges on using market and customer insights to leverage market opportunities and make strategic decisions.

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Creating a Marketing Strategy and Plan