Successfully Bring Your Innovation to Market

Thriving companies are always innovating, that is creating and introducing new methods, ideas, or products/services. Innovation on its own rarely leads to success.  Your innovation needs solid development, stellar support, a great plan to bring it to market, and of course potential customers.  A Nielsen study reviewing 600 product launches across multiple markets and categories found that one-third of the initiatives failed as a function of insufficient Marketing support.

Innovation and Marketing Go Hand-in-Hand

Yes, your innovation needs Marketing. Marketing helps you answer the questions of who needs the solution.

Marketing plays a pivotal role in bringing innovation to market.

It is marketers who interact with the market, and ideally know the customer base and understand their pain points.  Marketing helps the company imagine the future and leads the plan to achieve it.  This type of work takes customer insights, buying criteria, supplier preferences, competitive intelligence, strategy and process.  All of which our among our capabilities.

If you’re embarking on or are in the thick of an innovation initiative, tap our research, strategy, planning, and process expertise to ensure your innovation hits its out of the park the first time it comes up to bat. We understand what you and your organization uniquely need which is why we start every engagement with two critical steps to ensure success:

  1. An initial consultation to clearly understand your problem, what you’ve tried, what’s worked, what hasn’t worked, and your ideal outcome. In this meeting, we’ll discuss your current systems, data, metrics, performance management processes, tracking, and reporting.
  2. Based on our findings in step 1, we’ll develop a recommended plan of action using our knowledge, best practices and insights gained from over 20-years of helping organizations.

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