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When you’ve hit a brick wall trying to solve your Marketing Performance Management and Measurement (MPM) problems, we are here to give you the proven expertise needed. VEM is the trusted and secret weapon leading brands use to turn challenges into Marketing drivers by addressing Accountability, Alignment, Data-Derived Decisions, and Operational Excellence.

Use our collaborative consulting to build your internal expertise.

VEM’s collaborative consulting approach enables you to tap our expertise and experience.

With these core capabilities, we have the in-depth experience, repeatable processes, and best practices to solve your critical problems. Having sat in chairs similar to yours throughout our careers, we understand what you and your organization uniquely need.  We take a collaborative approach to every engagement with a focus on maximizing knowledge and skills transfer.

We start every engagement with two critical steps to ensure success:

      1. An initial consultation to clearly understand your problem, what you’ve tried, what’s worked, what hasn’t worked, and your ideal outcome. In this meeting, we’ll discuss your current systems, data, metrics, performance management processes, tracking, and reporting.
  1. Based on our findings in step 1, we’ll develop a recommended plan of action including a change management plan using our knowledge, best practices and insights gained from over 20-years of helping organizations just like yours.

Whether you have a large or small Marketing organization, we know we can help. To see exactly how, schedule your free 20-minute conversation to discuss your challenges and show you how we can turn them into new opportunities and results.

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