Many companies are still struggling to connect the work, activities and investments of a function to business results. Many are still challenged to identify and select measures and metrics to help facilitate strategic decisions and improve performance. It is essential that the leaders in every function can prove their value, contribution, and impact to the organization.

Alignment is the critical success factor for improving effectiveness for any function. Alignment is essential for moving from managing metrics to managing performance, and for using measurement and metrics to facilitate change. Alignment may seem like common sense and a relatively easy fix, however, in our work with hundreds of companies, we have found that this is easier said than done. Most functions don’t have a process for ensuring alignment.

Accelance® a Patented Application for Alignment and Accountability

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The Accelance® framework, is a patented Outcome-based Mapping™ methodology and SaaS application that creates direct-line-of-sight from a function’s activities and investments to specific quantifiable business outcomes. It is a proven technique for connecting your function to the business. With Accelance® you can facilitate alignment, illustrate performance targets and metrics, create an outcome-based budget, define your tasks, and establish the foundation for a performance management dashboard.

Adopt this methodology to strengthen results-oriented planning, to report critical metrics that clearly tie back to business outcomes, and to implement a technique that fosters discipline in thinking. Learn how our customers implement the Accelance® Outcome-based Mapping Methodology to make strategic decisions.

Learn how to employ the Accelance® Outcome-based Mapping Methodology and associated blueprint application one time or license it.

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About the Accelance® Application:

Accelance® is an ASP.NET Core 6.0 web application hosted on Microsoft Azure. See Strengthen your security posture with Azure for details about the physical and operational security measures Microsoft employs to protect Azure data centers and the applications they host. Accelance employs HTTPS to encrypt all communication with the web browser. User accounts are managed via the ASP.NET Core Identity framework, which incorporates industry best practices for securely storing user data, including password hashes. All user and blueprint data is stored in an Azure SQL Database with advanced data security and regularly scheduled backups.

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