Accountability and measurement are lacking. While most marketers are measuring something, survey results indicate there is room for  significant improvement in metrics and metrics quality. One of the primary reasons the gap remains is Marketing’s inability to select the right metrics. Metrics that measure Marketing’s  impact, contribution and value to the business.

Take our 16-question quiz to assess how informed you are on the topic of Marketing metrics. You’ll see your score immediately after concluding the quiz.

Curious how you stack up? The average score is 51%. See if your metrics IQ is above the average!

1. How is the term metrics best defined?
2. Which of these statements is a an outcome-based marketing objective?
3. Which of the following is NOT an outcome-based metric category?
4. Which of the following best defines an outcome based metric?
5. Measuring customer quality of experience (QoE), is a good metric for measuring customer retention.
6. Which of the following statements best reflect the value of outcome-based metrics?
7. At a minimum, for which of the following should a marketer establish metrics and track against?
8. What three quantifiable elements should be included in every metric?
9. In the list below, which is NOT one of the five most common metrics used to track brand effectiveness?
10. Which of the following is the best way to measure customer retention?
11. What should marketing metrics support?
12. When you don't have visibility into the pipeline, what are two revenue related metrics you can track to assess marketing's financial impact?
13. Which of the following is the best metric for measuring product success?
14. Which of the following outcome-based metrics should every marketer track?
15. A marketing executive dashboard should include which of the following metrics categories:
16. Companies with a formal and comprehensive marketing performance management system outperform companies who don't on which of the following:

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