Measuring Marketing contribution, impact, and value to the business continues to be a challenge for many organizations. There are companies succeeding, even excelling at measuring Marketing.

Laura Patterson along with the other members of the Founders Council of CustomerThink’s  DigitalMarketingOne community held a one day Summit comprised of Interactive panel discussions that explored the top issues facing Marketing leaders and how to address these.  As a recognized authority in Marketing measurement and performance management, VisionEdge Marketing was asked to lead the session on Best Practices in Managing and Measuring Marketing Performance.

Listen to the session to:

  • Learn the best practices of Marketing measurement and performance management
  • Gain insights into steps and tools you can start using NOW
  • How to leverage outcome-based metrics to ensure marketing objectives are measurable and designed to effectively impact the organization,
  • Utilize performance target setting, and
  • Develop better Marketing performance reports/dashboards.

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“I love your articles and advice – I feel like everything you write is thought-provoking and actionable.” – Marcie, Marketing Director, Technology industry.

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