Centerpulse, EPSIIA, and Expresiv select VisionEdge Marketing for marketing training, lead qualification, and market segmentation and sizing

AUSTIN, TX, May 14, 2003 – VisionEdge Marketing, Inc., an Austin, Texas-based strategic and product marketing services firm, announced today three new customers. Centerpulse, EPSIIA and Expresiv Technologies selected VisionEdge Marketing to provide professional development, revenue development and market targeting services.

Despite the economy, smart companies continue to invest in their people and market development,said Laura Patterson, president, VisionEdge Marketing. Our research shows that companies are still struggling with long sales cycles, over-tapped internal resources, and pipeline development. Companies such as Centerpulse, EPSIIA and Expresiv are using this period to enhance their market position and we’re pleased they believe VisionEdge Marketing can make a contribution to their efforts.

Many technical firms now have marketing departments staffed with very technical people with excellent domain expertise who can benefit from marketing skill development. One such company is Centerpulse, who provides joint implants in the orthopedic medicine industry. Centerpulse chose VisionEdge Marketing to help the company’s 40-person marketing team enhance their marketing capabilities. We are in a competitive environment and anything we can do to maintain a leadership position is key to long-term success,said Jerry DeVries, vice-president of marketing for Centerpulse. We realized one way to stay on top of our game was to take the skills of our team to the next level, which is why we brought VisionEdge Marketing onsite to deliver some highly focused custom training.

Companies look to stay on top of their game and enhance their market position in a variety of ways. Expresiv Technologies, which provides voice recognition transcription and documentation with a current focus on health providers, is one such company. We have gained good traction with medical practitioners who rely heavily on medical transcription services but we wanted to identify two to three verticals within the segment where we could quickly attack and develop traction,said Doug Miller, vice-president of marketing, Expresiv Technologies. With VisionEdge Marketing’s segmentation model and market research we were able to quickly identify and zoom in on a targeted medical specialty where we know we can leverage our competitive advantage.

EPSIIA, a unit of Fiserv, Inc. (NASDAQ:FISV) and a leading provider of document archival, retrieval and presentment technology, also recently engaged VisionEdge Marketing to assist with their sales and marketing efforts. We understand our target,said Cody Young, vice president of marketing and business development sales for EPSIIA. What we needed was fast, solid follow up to a marketing program to expedite our sales process. Using VisionEdge Marketing’s techniques we are now converting several viable opportunities that will result in an excellent return on investment.

About VisionEdge Marketing, Inc.

VisionEdge Marketing, Inc. (VEM) is a marketing consulting firm that excels at helping business-to-business companies achieve their goals through metrics-driven, customer-centric strategies and tactics. The firm’s SmartStart Services Suite is a family of cost-effective services deployed to create brands, research markets, increase revenue, drive demand and enhance the marketing expertise within organizations. VEM was founded in 1999 and is located in Austin, Texas.

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