customer centric customer centricityWithout alignment between strategy and planning, and without an underlying customer-centric approach, your plan will not help move the company forward now, or the future. Are your planning process efforts being wasted?

Planning is designed to produce results in a specified timeframe. It includes details about how goals will be tracked, measured, and displayed on your dashboard. It creates direct-line-of sight between investments and business outcomes and results. If a plan includes only a list of actions or an itemized calendar of activities and costs, it is not a plan. If the plan is not effectively communicated to guide every day decisions, you might as well have no plan.

Use Your Planning Process as an Alignment Tool to Bring your Strategy to Life

Your plan should bring your strategy to life. The plan should be a living road map anchored to the overall business’ outcomes and focuses on customer value, growth, and profitability. Some research has shown that companies with an effective plan, experience a 24-30% improvement in sales over those without a plan. Effective plans identify priorities, prioritize resources, and enable organizations to select the best customer and market opportunities. It serves as the foundation for the activities that create and nurture the promise of value to the customer.

Why companies engage us. Their plan was not delivering the expected results – profitable growth. It was not aligned with strategy and business goals. It didn’t include the right success measures, or they weren’t being tracked properly. As a result, their dashboard did not provide the insights needed to improve business results. People could not be held accountable. The plan was not implemented and communicated well, or adhered to.

What we deliver. A customer-centric plan that is fully aligned with company mission, vision, and strategy; and has been bought into by those who will use the content to guide their every-day decisions. A plan that factors in the competition and the most frequent pain points of customers. A plan with clear and quantifiable measures to hold everyone accountable. Best practices to help you improve your planning processes going forward.

”The …workshop facilitated by VisionEdge Marketing helped our team achieve the perspective required to improve our dashboards, planning, prioritizing, target setting, and reporting processes to ensure that our tactical and strategic investments have a direct and visible connection to the overall business objectives.” Jared Montblanc, Marketing Director Planning & Insights – Nokia NA


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Ensure Your Planning Process Efforts Set You Up for Success

Our planning resources and capabilities range from providing feedback to your plan with our Fast-Track Plan Review, helping improve your planning capabilities with our Make Your Plan Measurable and Customer-Centric Workshop, to a comprehensive collaborative engagement.

Fast-Track Customer-Centric Measurable Plan review

The best plan is measurable, outcome-based, and customer-centric. There is a direct-line-of-sight between activities and results. Best-in-Class plans include well-defined measurable performance targets. For our Fast-Track Plan Assessment, we’ll schedule an initial 30 minute in-take call with you. Submit your plan, we’ll review it, and provide written feedback that we’ll discuss in an assessment call with you

Learn a process to architect a best-in-class plan, with our Architect Your Plan Measurable and Customer-Centric workshop. Learn how to: align your plan with strategy; factor in customer insights and competitive intelligence, define strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; and establish customer-centric objectives tied to business results with associated success measures.

Use our collaborative consulting to build your internal expertise.

Let’s put our heads together to create a customer-centric plan, aligned with company mission, vision, and strategy, a plan that will help achieve your growth goals. The combination of our data derived decision support, and planning expertise, knowledge and skill transfer, and change management, will help you achieve your objectives. We offer a proven, patented Accelance® methodology and application designed specifically to support alignment efforts and produce a customer-centric, outcome-based plan, and a robust, customized consulting engagement designed to address your unique needs.

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