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Align Your Marketing to Business Results and Architect Customer-Centric Outcome-based Measurable Marketing Plans

We have found that Best-in-Class marketers are better with statistical significance in their ability to align marketing with business outcomes and clearly convey their impact and contribution to the organization. It is imperative then, that all of us in Marketing address the challenges of alignment and accountability. Alignment and accountability are inextricably linked and are the cornerstones of any successful marketing organization. Without alignment between Marketing and the business, it’s impossible to quantify Marketing’s value to the business, and select the right metrics.

Marketing Plan as an Alignment Tool

Use Your Marketing Plan as an Alignment Tool that bring your Strategy to life.

One of the most powerful alignment tools available to every marketer is the Marketing plan. Effective Marketing plans identify priorities, prioritize resources and enable organizations to select the best customer and market opportunities. The Marketing plan serves as the foundation for the activities that create and nurture the promise of value to the customer. Properly created, the Marketing plan is a living roadmap that is anchored to the overall business’ outcomes and focuses on customer value, growth, and profitability. It bring your strategy to life. Some research has shown that companies with a Marketing plan experience a 24-30% improvement in sales over those without a plan.

A useful Marketing plan consists of more than a list of actions or an itemized calendar of activities and costs.  A quality Marketing plan serves creates direct-line-of sight between marketing activities and investments and business outcomes and results.  It serves as the foundation for your metrics and Marketing dashboard.

Ready to improve your ability to prove the value of your Marketing?  Our proven patented Accelance® methodology and application was designed specifically to support alignment efforts and produce a customer-centric outcome-based Marketing plan. A Marketing plan that visually captures your Metrics Chains™. Let’s get started!

Marketers must understand how to properly engineer a customer-centric buying pipeline and use it to better align Marketing and Sales.  Opportunity management based more on customer behaviors than your internal selling processes enables you to better engage customers, create better opportunity scoring schemas, better measure Marketing’s contribution and provide better insight into pipeline progress.

customer engagement stages

 If you’re ready to shift from a transactional focus to a customer-centric focus and transform your traditional sales funnel into a customer-centric buying pipeline.

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