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Creating Ecosystem Maps

For many organizations, growth comes from entering a new market. Today, most organizations recognize that venturing unprepared into unchartered territory is fraught with risk. When it comes to entering new markets, it helps to have a map, commonly known as an ecosystem map.  Ecosystem maps serve as a valuable tool for getting the lay of the land in a new market and assessing the opportunity. They guide your entry, define areas that could delay your entry or increase your costs to enter, and reveal potential connections with possible friendlies among the influencers, channels and potential initial buyers.

Ecosystem maps take data–data about buyers, competitors, distribution channels, and influencers.  Acquiring data takes doing your homework, often in the form of research.  Having the answers to which buyers and organizations are the best points of entry, which organizations can and will create barriers and road blocks, where are the landmines, who are potential guides and partners can make all the difference in your rate and degree of success.

Facilitate successful entry into a market and support your go-to-market strategy. Learn more about ecosystem mappingContact us to help you create your market ecosystem map.


Ecosystem Maps to Enter New Markets

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