Five companies – Baxter Planning Systems, Emergent Technologies, Emerson Process Management, Pervasive Software and SiteStuff – hire strategic consulting firm VisionEdge Marketing for research, positioning, customer segmentation, pricing, and go-to-market strategies.

AUSTIN, TX, April 3, 2002 – VisionEdge Marketing, Inc., an Austin, Texas-based strategic marketing consulting firm, announced today that five companies have chosen VisionEdge Marketing to provide strategic marketing services. Baxter Planning Systems, Emergent Technologies, Emerson Process Management, Pervasive Software and SiteStuffare applying VisionEdge Marketing’s proprietary methodologies in the area of positioning, pricing, customer segmentation and go-to-market strategies.

“We feel very fortunate to be working with these exceptional companies who are continuing to invest in their marketing efforts,” said Laura Patterson, president of VisionEdge Marketing. “The activity we’re experiencing tracks to the results in our recent Business Readiness 2002 survey, where one out of three companies are planning on revising their company brand and positioning strategy in the first half of 2002 to adjust to changing economic environment.”

Pervasive Software is a data management infrastructure company that provides embedded and Web database solutions for small- and medium-sized enterprises “We are exploring how to expand our market opportunities and identify other products that will be viable for our existing market,” said Bruce Flory, vice president of marketing for Pervasive Software. “We turned to VisionEdge Marketing to help undertake the research needed to ensure our company aligns existing and new products with our markets’ requirement.”

“Bear markets usually translate into leaner marketing budgets and fewer people, requiring companies to be smarter and more creative with their dollars and to seek out fast, flexible and innovative partners”, said Melissa Rabeaux, director of marketing, Baxter Planning Systems “VisionEdge Marketing has helped us strategize our marketing-intensive initiatives, demonstrate our worth and value by getting back to the basics to capitalize on the competition that is sidetracked in a down market.”

Unlike traditional advertising or public relations agencies, VisionEdge Marketing uses a metrics-based, market/customer centric approach to help companies develop strategically tactical programs to influence purchasing behavior, drive demand and build and maximize valuation. This is done through positioning and brand strategy, with emphasis on moving and keeping customers on the highly desirable short list. VisionEdge Marketing primarily works with businesses in the high technology industry; existing customers include BMC Software, ETS-Lindgren, InfoGlide Software, Metrowerks and Vignette.

“The response to our metrics-focused, results-driven approach has been tremendous,” Patterson said. “We’re grown from two customers when we launched our SmartStart Services Suite™ in June, 1999 to 18 customers today. Even with the downturn in the economy, we’ve seen a 290 percent increase in revenue since we first opened our doors”

About VisionEdge Marketing, Inc.

VisionEdge Marketing, Inc. (VEM) is a marketing consulting firm that excels at helping business-to-business companies achieve their goals through metrics-driven, customer-centric strategies and tactics. The firm’s SmartStart Services Suite™ is a family of cost-effective services deployed to create brands, research markets, increase revenue, drive demand and enhance the marketing expertise within organizations. VEM was founded in 1999 and is located in Austin, Texas.

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