Austin, TX, April 24, 2001 – “Many of us take on the quest for a practical strategic marketing guide like the quest for the holy grail; because we know our business depends upon it. Gone Fishin’ presents a concise, short quick read, jam packed with practical tips, “ says Sonia St. James in the foreword for Gone Fishin’, the recently released marketing booklet by VisionEdge Marketing, Inc., a metrics-based strategic marketing services firm. The 86-page book debuted at theVisionEdge Marketing Customer Summit, Market to Conditions, held in Austin, Texas today.

Judith Hurwitz, Chairman and founder of Hurwitz Group, kicked off the meeting with a keynote on the subject of “Surviving and Thriving in an Upside-Down Market”. “When facing a challenging market situation, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s really driving business success–creating value for customers”, said Hurwitz. “Venues such as the VisionEdge Marketing Customer Summit present a great opportunity to learn, share ideas and get a strategic perspective that focuses on creating that value.”

A year in the making, Market to Conditions covered a timely subject. “The economy is a subject on all our minds. During tough times, the first reaction is often to pull back. Like VisionEdge Marketing, we encourage companies to use downturns to their marketing advantage, and strategically expand their market position while the competition is regrouping and the noise level is lower,” Judith added.

In addition to the keynote, Market to Conditions also included panels on Market Segmentation, Product Marketing and Management, Balancing Customer Acquisition and Retention, and Integrating Mergers and Acquisitions.

VisionEdge Marketing offers a number of strategic marketing services within their SmartStart Services Suiteä that are suitable for companies of all sizes and levels of development. Using fishing as a metaphor and a way to explain marketing fundamentals, Gone Fishin’ captures many of the ideas emphasized by VisionEdge Marketing for finding, securing, keeping, and growing profitable customers.

About VisionEdge Marketing

Headquartered in Austin, TX, VisionEdge Marketing, Inc. is the leader in metrics-based marketing, providing complete strategic marketing services, including the SmartStart Services Suiteä. These services range from business intelligence, positioning and brand strategy, marketing strategy, demand creation/prospect generation, and customer retention strategies and programs.

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