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The ability to analyze data (big and otherwise) is what enables you to base decisions on facts, patterns and relationships rather than on your intuition.  Big data and analytics can be used by Marketing organizations to more accurately measure and monitor performance.

Check out this presentation that addresses how to use big data to support managing your Marketing performance.  The insights you derive will makes all the difference in the decisions you make and the actions you take.

For example, once you apply analytics to convert the raw material into insights you can use your findings to make such decisions as

  • which content is the most effective at each stage of customer buying journey
  • how to improve investments in Martech systems
  • what strategies are most effective for driving growth, creating value, and improving performance.

Once your organization has appropriately classified and prioritized its data, the question remains: what comes next? Step back and analyze your historical data to help avoid past failures. Collect and monitor data in the short term allows marketers to identify failures when they occur but does not help in predicting or preventing of repeat failures.

It’s important that you build models that help you understand the interactions between variables and risks.


Build and Test Your Data Model

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