Growable customers represent the future of your business. When nurtured properly, these growable customers (MGCs) will someday be your most valuable customers. What is an Most Growable Customer (MGC)? An MGC is a customer who may have little actual value at the present time, but represents a great deal of unrealized potential.  The future of your company depends on being able to identify MGS. Doing so entails  two challenges.

First, we need to be able to identify these customers who have the most potential. The second challenge after finding these customers is to maximize their potential. 


Invest in those customers that will become your most valuable

Invest in those customers that will become your most valuable

Two Ways to Identify Your Growable Customers

There are various ways to identify this segment of prospective and existing customers. Here a couple of approaches.  One way is to gather and analyze data about your current most valuable customers and then look for existing or prospective customers who best match the data.  This is a matching or mirror model approach.  The premise behind this approach is that prospects and existing customers who mirror your current most valuable customers reflect the best opportunities for growth.

Another way to identify MGCs is by modeling customers according to an adoption curve. By modeling the products and services that are important and the order in which your most valuable customers bought them, you can use the model to help identify customers who are at the early stages of the same curve.

There are other methods you can employ. The point is to have a way to identify this group of customers so you can develop appropriate marketing and sales initiatives and invest resources that will help you acquire and actively nurture their growth.

From Most Growable to Most Valuable

You will need to maintain data on all of your customers to identify those who mirror valuable customers’ behavior. This customer insight is integral to transforming growable customers to most valuable customers (MVCs). With this type of information, you can identify key criteria that will help you form customer groups by behavior and persona.

When you can group your customers by behaviors and persona, you can build a touchpoint, content, and channel strategy for connecting with each this group.  Use these resources to help you improve your customer-centric marketing.

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