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Roadmap To Excellence:  Assessing Marketing’s Performance in 2011 –
Where Do We Go From Here?

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VisionEdge Marketing (VEM) has been  conducting an Marketing Performance Management and Measurement Study for 10 years.  The 2011 report finds that while some things have changed little, other things have changed a lot. Today, we can predict which marketers will receive an A from the C-Suite and which won’t.  Something we couldn’t do a decade ago.  And today, we can tell you what Best-In-Class Marketers do differently when it comes to tracking and measuring their performance.

Would you like to know:

  • What primary methods Best-in-Class marketers use to solidify the link between marketing and the business?
  • What marketing performance metrics Best-in-Class Marketers track?
  • The five tips to help you accelerate your journey for performance excellence?
  • What the “ultimate” marketing dashboard looks like?
  • What the six essential metrics any company should measure?

The answers to these questions and more are now available in the 2011 Marketing Performance Measurement and Management:  Final Report “A Roadmap to Performance Excellence,” which includes 37 pages, 14 sections, and over 30 graphs and charts.  The report provides insight into how organizations and Best-In-Class-Marketers perceive and address the following:

  • The Marketing-Sales Relationship
  • How to Assess Marketing’s Performance
  • How The C-Suite Grades Marketing
  • MPM and the Role of Marketing Operations
  • What Sets Best-in-Class Marketers Apart
  • Marketing Performance Measurement


Plus, be sure to read the “Where Do We Go From Here” section to learn how to apply leverage the findings.

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