Austin, TX, May 14, 2001 – VisionEdge Marketing, Inc. today announced the addition of three new customers: The Austin Independent School District AT-STAR Project, InfoGlide Corporation, and Metrowerks Corporation. “Each of these organizations is relying on VisionEdge Marketing to help them accelerate and expand their strategic marketing initiatives,” said Laura Patterson, President of VisionEdge Marketing.

AISD’s AT-STAR program develops tools to help teachers and administrators identify students who will benefit from assistive technology. The AT-STAR team came to VisionEdge Marketing for help in creating marketing strategies that will enable them to connect with the diverse audiences they are targeting and formulate messaging for their web presence. “Our search for an experienced marketing resource that could help us formulate a clear message and develop communication tools led us to VisionEdge Marketing. They came highly recommended,“ said Jan McSorley, Co-director of the AT-STAR project.

AT-STAR had already outlined its target audience when they turned to VisionEdge Marketing, while InfoGlide ( , a long-established Austin software company, wanted the company to help them explore new market segments. “Forging ahead into a market without knowing whether it was viable seemed like a waste of precious and limited resources,” said Greg Hemstreet, Director of Marketing at InfoGlide. “We brought VisionEdge Marketing onboard to help us evaluate potential market opportunities. The VisionEdge Marketing team conducted primary and secondary research that helped us quickly determine that one market was not as well suited as we had originally thought. Another cost-effective study is already underway with VisionEdge Marketing,” Hemstreet added.

Once the target market is identified, generating revenue becomes the imperative of the marketing organization. Metrowerks ( , a wholly owned subsidiary of Motorola, wanted new strategic thinking and “targetable measurable objectives” around their revenue initiatives. “VisionEdge Marketing knows our business and has a track record for driving revenue,” said John Smolucha, Vice-president of Marketing Metrowerks. Smolucha added, “They are already pushing us to focus on metrics and providing measurable targets, something we sorely needed.”

Bear markets usually translate into leaner marketing budgets and fewer people, requiring companies to be smarter and more creative with their dollars and to seek out fast, flexible and innovative partners. “We continue to see smart companies in these challenging times forging ahead with marketing-intensive business initiatives because they realize now is a great time to demonstrate their worth and value and

AT-STAR, InfoGlide, Metrowerks //2

get back to the basics: the noise in the market is down, and the competition may be sidetracked,” said Patterson.

About VisionEdge Marketing

Headquartered in Austin, TX, VisionEdge Marketing, Inc. is the leader in metrics-based marketing, providing complete strategic marketing services, including the SmartStart . These services range from business intelligence, positioningäServices Suite and brand strategy, marketing strategy, demand creation/prospect generation, and customer retention strategies and programs.

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