As a Marketer, shouldn’t you know how effective you are? After all, analytics are at the heart of Marketing Excellence. However, in order to effectively improve and gain a competitive advantage, you need to know where you stand.. Is your Marketing organization among the Best-In-Class or is it Average when it comes to analytics? Use this scorecard to see how your Marketing Analytics stacks up.

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For each question below, enter a score of 1-10 (whole numbers only) that you believe best reflects your Marketing organization's analytics proficiency. 1 means Not Proficient at all and Have No Mastery; 10 means Extremely Proficient and Have Mastered the Skill.

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1. Selecting metrics that measure marketing’s value
2. Accessing accurate, reliable data
3. Collecting, storing, and managing data
4. Analyzing and reporting on performance
5. Creating data visualizations
6. Improving marketing effectiveness with analytics insights
7. Using data to link marketing activity to business outcomes
8. Creating dashboards that communicate marketing’s value
9. Creating marketing dashboards that facilitate strategic decisions

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