Three new customers: Amicus, Interactive Silicon and Motive Communications are the latest companies to engage VisionEdge Marketing for research, positioning and go-to-market strategies

AUSTIN, TX, August 19, 2002 – VisionEdge Marketing, Inc., an Austin, Texas-based strategic marketing consulting firm, announced today the addition of three companies to its customer roster – Amicus Inc., Interactive Silicon, Inc. and Motive Communications, Inc. These companies join the list of more than 45 other companies that VisionEdge Marketing has helped achieve their business goals through metrics-driven, customer-centric strategies, and tactics.

Early summer also marked VisionEdge Marketing’s third anniversary in business. Since its inception, VisionEdge Marketing has used its proprietary methodology to assist companies with market, competitive and customer research, segmentation, pricing strategies, positioning strategies, customer retention programs and sales pipeline engineering and development. Motive Communications, Inc., a leading provider of intelligent service software, is one company that VisionEdge Marketing assisted with market research.

“Successful companies understand that market research is an integral part of new product marketing,” said Ben Geller, market manager, Motive. “To successfully develop a product, you have to first understand the needs of the particular market you are targeting. Through their research, VisionEdge Marketing helped us gain insight and make strategic decisions in regards to market opportunity.”

VisionEdge Marketing is different from traditional creative services agencies, in that the company uses a metrics-based, market/customer centric approach to help companies develop strategically tactical programs to influence purchasing behavior, drive demand and impact revenue.

“We’ve appreciated the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of companies to help address marketing needs,” said Laura Patterson, president, VisionEdge Marketing. “In looking back over the last three years, one thing has remained consistent – our metrics-focused, results-driven approach is making a contribution and helping our customers align their marketing programs with their overall business goals. This is one of the reasons we have been successful and have been able to grow our business more than 290 percent since we started three years ago.”

About VisionEdge Marketing, Inc.

VisionEdge Marketing, Inc. (VEM) is a marketing consulting firm that excels at helping business-to-business companies achieve their goals through metrics-driven, customer-centric strategies and tactics. The firm’s SmartStart Services Suite™ is a family of cost-effective services deployed to create brands, research markets, increase revenue, drive demand and enhance the marketing expertise within organizations. VEM was founded in 1999 and is located in Austin, Texas.


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