AUSTIN, TX, June 8, 2004 – VisionEdge Marketing, an Austin-based marketing consulting firm, launched a beta version of its Envisage Tools Suite™, which enables users take advantage of three separate tools that aid a company with positioning and segmentation. The Suite currently consists of Envisage Advantage™, Envisage Target™, and the Envisage Opportunity Calculator™. VisionEdge Marketing has been using these tools as part of their consulting practice for the past five years. Many customers indicated an interest in being able to continue to have access to tools that provided an analytical approach to positioning and segmentation – two of the most critical components associated with marketing strategy.

After a survey of the market, VisionEdge Marketing realized their tools were the only ones where marketing professional can go on-line and on a pay-per-use basis be provided with easy to use set of strategy oriented tools. Greg Latson, director of marketing with NCsoft Austin who had an early preview of the tools said, “The Envisage Tools Suite is set of simple but powerful tools that helped me develop focused and effective marketing strategies.”

The tools provide users the ability to see a potential market from numerous angles. Each tool is based on strategic questions for which users provide input. “The process we use with the tools serves as a great way to help companies of any size understand what information they really need to know about their markets, their company, and their competition to make a good strategic decision and that without this information the decision making process is hampered,” said Laura Patterson, president of VisionEdge Marketing.

Inez Moriarty, director of marketing at Houston-based E-Seis also previewed the tools, “VisionEdge Marketing’s tools were extremely impressive, not only to me, but to the executives within our company. We were able to see, point blank, exactly where our marketing dollars had been going and which marketing strategies were most effective for us. This allowed us to realize where we should concentrate our spending to make our marketing the most effective possible.”

These tools will be generally available later this summer. For more information about the tools, to see a demo, or to participate in the beta, go to, e-mail, or call 512-681-8800 x12.

About the Tools:

Envisage Advantage helps companies identify a differential competitive advantage that can serve as the foundation for a positioning platform. The tool enables users to assess their opportunity for creating a differential competitive advantage as well as potential pitfalls.

Envisage Target helps companies establish criteria for selecting a potential market segment as well as a scoring process for evaluating segments against the criteria.

Envisage Opportunity Calculator™ help sales and marketing management answer questions whether an investment in a market segment is worthwhile and offers insight into how likely the company will be successful in pursuing the opportunity.

About VisionEdge Marketing, Inc.

VisionEdge Marketing, Inc. is a marketing consulting firm that excels at helping business-to-business companies strengthen their competitive advantage to accelerate their ability to acquire, keep, and grow a profitable customer base. With a family of cost-effective services they provide market and customer insight, identify new market opportunities, provide product and company positioning strategies, drive revenue through customer acquisition and retention initiative, and enhance marketing expertise for organizations. Founded in 1999, VisionEdge Marketing is located in Austin, Texas. For more information, visit

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