3M Electronic Products Division, EMC Test Systems, Netheartbeat and Vignette Join VisionEdge Marketing Customers Roster

Austin, TX, November 27, 2000 VisionEdge Marketing, Inc., a metrics-based strategic marketing services firm, today announced the addition of four companies to their growing list of B-B high tech customers: The Electronic Products Division of 3M, a high density interconnect solutions provider; EMC Test Systems (ETS), a longtime supplier of antennas and chambers for EMC testing; Netheartbeat, a start up in the internet infrastructure market; and Vignette, an established leader in platform, service and software applications for e-business. While these companies have many differences, including market, product offering, size and length of time in business, they all share a number of common characteristics, including their understanding that the development of a solid, unique marketing positioning and strategy is critical for continued success. As part of their commitment to their customers and marketplaces, these companies recognize the value a strategic approach to marketing plays in achieving their business goals.

“As a new company, research plays an important role in determining market and product direction, said Sanjay Mishra, president and CEO of Netheartbeat. “After exploring a number of possibilities, we chose VisionEdge Marketing because they brought the skills set and market experience we needed to gather key information about potential targets quickly and cost effectively.”

VisionEdge Marketing works with companies of all sizes and stages in their life cycle. Brand strategy is an ongoing effort within a company. As markets and companies evolve, revisiting the brand strategy is a very important business process.

“As it happens with many growing companies, we have made a number of acquisitions over the years. We realized we needed to develop a single operating identity,” said Bruce Butler, president of EMC Test Systems. “As part of this effort, we turned to VisionEdge Marketing because of their reputation, references, and experience to help us develop an umbrella branding strategy that will leverage the strengths of the individual brands in our various markets.”

We feel fortunate to be working with some of the finest companies in Austin, said Laura Patterson, managing partner of VisionEdge Marketing, Inc. ÏI think one of the reasons we’ve been able to provide value to our customers is not only because of experience and expertise, but also because we have developed methodologies and processes that enable us to serve as instrumental catalysts that make it possible for these companies to move their thinking in a different direction.

All four companies are utilizing VisionEdge Marketing for different initiatives. Their choice of the metrics-based strategic marketing services firm, however, was similar, tapping into the depth and breadth of high-tech marketing experience and brand strategy experience within the firm.

VisionEdge Marketing quickly grasped our requirements, said Barry Klein, vice president of customer advocacy for Vignette. Part of the decision to work with them was based on their previous experience and their ability to move at the pace we needed to help us realize key milestones.

About VisionEdge Marketing

VisionEdge Marketing, Inc. is the leader in metrics-based marketing, providing complete strategic marketing services, including the SmartStart Suite. The company provides strategically-tactical programs to influence purchasing behavior and drive demand designed to build and maximize valuation through positioning and brand strategy. For more information, visit visionedgemarketing.com

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