Organizations committed to accelerating customer-centric organic growth know the importance of Marketing, especially Upstream Marketing. For these organizations, Marketing serves as an engine growth.  They recognize the important role of Marketing in finding, keeping, and growing the value of customers. In fact, research finds that best-in-class (BIC) marketers who can demonstrate and measure their impact, value and contribution either join the C-Suite, or gain them as their champion. Does your Marketing organization deliver the results you need? One of the best ways to know is to regularly assess and benchmark your Marketing function. This is true for all the key functions within your organization.

We know from our work over the past two decades, that there is an elite group of marketers, which we refer to as value creators, that do four things consistently better and differently to achieve superior business results and C-suite support:  alignment, accountability, assessment, analytics and activation. They are relentless in their pursuit of excellence.  

Creating a Marketing organization dedicated to achieving marketing excellence, and serving as a value creator takes aspiration, perspiration, and commitment. The Markting function’s credibility in the organization, and it’s ability to influence “the big decisions,” and meet less resistance to securing the needed resources — is worth it!


Assessment and Benchmarking Create Pathways for Excellence

The first step is audit the current state.  This requires you to assess and benchmark your capabilities. Assessments and benchmarking are instrumental methods for improving competitiveness and increasing value from your customers’ perspective. Through benchmarking and assessment your Marketing organization can making dramatic improvements to processes that will contribute to the bottom-line.

Through  assessments and benchmarking, you’ll be able to identify and implement best practices within your organization. As you establish these best practices you will create pathways for improvement and platforms to achieve market leadership. As these mature, you will be able to build models for what Robert Camp refers to as the “best of the best.” These models are what serve as your path to business and Marketing excellence.

Once you have a clarity around opportunities to improve, create a plan to close gaps.

Learn how business leaders like you conduct assessments and establish benchmarks for their Marketing Excellence initiative.Contact us when your’re ready to deply. 



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