VisionEdge Marketing Celebrates Five-Year Anniversary With Launch of Book and Suite of Marketing Tools.

AUSTIN, TX, June 8, 2004 ÒIn conjunction with VisionEdge MarketingÌs five year anniversary, the Austin-based marketing firm today announced the release of its second book, Measure What Matters: Reconnecting Marketing to Business Goals and the launch a beta test version of pay-per-use marketing tools.



Founded in 1999, VisionEdge Marketing has enjoyed the opportunity to work with over sixty companies and to provide services to firms such as Boxx Technologies, Infoglide Software, Rackspace, and Spinal Concepts.  VisionEdge Marketing is comprised of two primary lines of business: consulting services and learning services.  The consulting services consist of three practices:  business intelligence, strategy, and revenue creation.  Educational programs, publications, and our online advisory service comprise the learning services business.



In the last five years, VisionEdge Marketing has enabled marketers and business professionals to enhance their marketing capabilities.  Gone Fishin’: A Guide to Finding, Hooking, Keeping and Growing Profitable Customers was published in 2001.  Today their latest book, Measure What Matters: Reconnecting Marketing to Business Goals was released. The book presents a metrics framework marketing professionals and company executives can use to ensure marketing is tightly connected to business goals and provides an approach marketers can employ to demonstrate marketingÌs contribution.  ÏOur goal was to provide a framework along with practical suggestions readers can use right away,Ó said Laura Patterson, president of VisionEdge Marketing and the bookÌs author.





In his review of the book, David Johansen, the senior vice president of marketing and sales at SciComp Inc., in Austin, Texas said, ÏMeasure What Matters is a little gem of a marketing book that should have a place on every CEOÌs and marketing professionalÌs bookshelf.Ó    Measure What Matters can be purchased online at for $21.95 plus tax and shipping and tax.  The companyÌs first book, Gone FishinÌ: A Guide to Finding, Hooking, Keeping and Growing Profitable Customers can also be purchased online.





The five-year milestone also marks the debut of the new Envisage Tools SuiteÙ designed to aid a company with positioning and segmentation.  The suite currently consists of three tools: Envisage AdvantageÙ, Envisage TargetÙ, and the Envisage Opportunity CalculatorÙ.  Greg Latson, director of marketing with NCsoft Austin who had an early preview of the tools said, ÏThe Envisage Tools Suite is set of simple but powerful tools that helped me develop focused and effective marketing strategies.”  Companies interested in participating in the beta should contact VisionEdge Marketing at





ÏWhile weÌre extremely excited about our new book and tools as we achieve this major milestone, said Laura Patterson, president of VisionEdge Marketing, Ïwhat weÌre most proud of is the contribution weÌve been able to make to our customers. WeÌre very grateful for the confidence and support our customers, suppliers, and colleagues have shown us over the past five years.Ó 



About VisionEdge Marketing, Inc.



VisionEdge Marketing, Inc. is a marketing consulting firm that excels at helping business-to-business companies strengthen their competitive advantage to accelerate their ability to acquire, keep, and grow a profitable customer base.  With a family of cost-effective services they provide market and customer insight, identify new market opportunities, provide product and company positioning strategies, drive revenue through customer acquisition and retention initiative, and enhance marketing expertise for organizations. Founded in 1999, VisionEdge Marketing is located in Austin, Texas.  For more information, visit


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